Sculptris, 8" tablet with Wacom digitizer - any way to use hotkeys?

Hi guys,

I’m learning Zbrush, and occasionally I’m using Sculptris for doing quick, sketchy models. On desktops and touch enabled laptops I’m obviously using the keyboard hotkeys all the time - cannot imagine living without hotkeys for brushes, masking, smoothing, etc.

But, let’s say, on 8" Windows tablets - during travel, in the bus, etc., how do you do this?

Is there any way of implementing small windows app, that could accompany Sculptris, just being a hotkey emulator? Kind of additional toolbar, if you know what I mean. Anything made in Autohotkey maybe? Anyone tried that? People using Sai, Photoshop and other image editing software are using special toolbars with great success - so maybe there are methods for Sculptris also?

Many thanks in advance for any help or pointing me in the right direction.

Funny to answer my own question, but maybe that would help someone looking for similar application in the future.

This thing in the bottom left corner is called Touchkey ( http://www.kannagi.net/touchkey/ ) and is a fully customizable on screen hotkey toolbar. Configuring it might be bothersome, but fortunately it comes with a configuration preset for Asus Vivotab 8. I only added some essential keys for Sculptris - and it works like a charm.

The great thing is, it can read touch on the toolbar, while rejecting touch and allowing only pen input on the rest of the screen. Amazing little app.

touchkey on asus vivotab note 8.jpg


touchkey on asus vivotab note 8.jpg