Sculpting Challenge "The witch"

A lot of people asked for a challenge.
I can’t loose anything by starting one wich is called:

"THE WITCH" She can be ugly or breathless sexy. She can be charming gentle or unbelievable evil. She can be funny like hell. That is up to you. She only have to be convincing magical. She only have to convince all of us to be the best witch shown in this thread. Everyone has just ONE final Entry! So take your time. The challenge ends 17th of April 2011 Think like you are in production. Make sketches with every tool you like and post it here like WIP to keep your witch and work popular. Keep us informed about your progress with a picture every week or more often. But keep in mind - you have to convince us -you have to convince the world -that your work is the best. Don't post every tiny little step! Prepare your post like a presentation. Sign your pics. (Fantasy Logo - your name - whatever) Because this is a sculptris forum, main tool should be sculptris. Final pic can be done elsewhere in any 3D package.

(I guess there are some messiah studio owner out there - blender gives also fantastic professional results - and Zbrush)

The final entry should content this: 1. The titel of the post should be: "Final witch by....(username)" 2. One 140px by 80px thumbnail for voting on top of your final entry. 3. The pic with which you want to win. (No side should be bigger than 1600px.) 4. Because it's a 3D world show us minimum front, side & back view. Picture of details you are very proud of. (No side should be bigger than 1600px.) 5. The pure sculptris picture. Let the fun and the challenge begin!

im first in line to say YES and thank you :+1:
very nice setup. I’l be back (and great with a long deadline).

Challenge accepted! :smiley:

Sounds like a seriously fun challenge. Don’t know if I’ll have full time for it, but i will contribute some stuff.

Great idea!!! I had allready started this oneWitch3.jpg I made my own image as to what it should look like. Rattus not to be rude but yours kinda looks like bevis or butt head. Oh nacki is this an all Sculptris challenge ?

thats a cool witch anthony.
im going for a combination of these creatures:





Ok, cool Challange. Im in, and hope to have time to finish something:D

In two months there should be enough time even to take the zBrush Trial, 3D coat, whatever, learn it and finish detail with it :wink:

Search for more inspiration:


At the good places:

And look for amazing finished stuff to raise your own expectations:



Take a pencil or what ever to create fast concepts.
Please sign it, to show your identification with your work :wink:
If there is a good idea - the rest will be much easier.

Go for it! :smiley:

well this is my first post. This should be fun, though i haven’t done much modeling, Just started trying out Sculptris, mostly got it for my cnc router work.
Sorry for sounding kinda dumb but when you say we can use other soft ware for detail what do you mean.I checked out some of the links provided by Knacki , I was wondering can we use any of the images as references without copy right issues? Sorry again if that’s a dumb question. Well guess I should start fooling with sculptris so I don’t submit a stick figure lol.


Hi Graham,

nice to have you in here.
Maybe we’ll see a real 3D witch made by your cnc tools as a finished result? :wink:

Referencing and copying are different things.
Taking references to create something new and unique is what artists have done from the very beginning of art.
Of course, the goal can’t be posting a 1:1 copy from other artists.

Despite on copyrights the time is much too long to present just a copy, I would say.

About other software: For detailing and rendering you maybe want to use or try different things just to surprise us with pics not seen that often here at sculptris forum.
A simple baked Ambient Occlusion will just turn your sculptris render into completely different levels :wink:
A How to can be found in the old forum.

I have something in mind…hm. Nothing too solid now.
The second one is interesting, but I think a witch needs to
be more evil.


challenge accepted i am working on mine now

i will try the funny style (cartoon)

[witch.jpg[/ATT]%3C/font%3E"]post edited my final entry below :wink:

any non secret wips? :smiley:

[sculptri%20out.jpg[/ATT]%3Cbr%20/%3E%0A%3C/font%3E%3Ca%20href="]i think i will be the first :smiley:

sculptri out.jpg](http://%22http://[url=%22%22)


demmi final.jpg


It seems very cool
I like this ,How to do this Rendering style?

qdcat001 its a material direct from sculptris some kind of comic style when i get home i will post to you ok

heres the toon mat to be used :wink:


thx demmios
this comic style very good
I like sculptris ,it will be More and more interesting :lol:

Quick Idea sketch for the Witch. This time more stylized. It leans towards Barkers Cenobites, without the gore elements.