Scared Silly Entry by John Strieder

“Medusa get’s no Candy”

Hi, this is the Idea: Medusa wants to participate on "Trick or Treat". Poorly she get's no Candy, cause all of the people turn to stone. So she's very frustrated. Good luck to you all! :)

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A VERY good idea! Another one I wish I’d thought of first! :wink: :smiley:

Funny if she accidentally turned someone to stone, after she knocks on the door! How you represent that though i don’t know!

Good luck!


I’d been thinking about a gorgon (Medusa) child, but couldn’t find a place for her. I was imagining first-grader Perseus watching her reflection through his shield and preparing to strike with a plastic sword. Not very Halloween…

Now that you say Trick-or-Treating, I feel stupid to have missed it.

Is the candy turned to stone as well? If not, Medusa gets more of that than she can carry.

Ahhhhh! And she fills her bucket with all her little hands can grab! LOL Gonna love seeing this one come to life!

Hi, Thanks!

Funny if she accidentally turned someone to stone, after she knocks on the door!
Yes, that’s what i’ve want to do :wink: In my Picture you see her with an empty Candy-Bag in front of an House, the door is opened and the Owner petrified. And a Emotion of Frustration in the Face of Medusa and her little Snakehairs :wink:

(Sorry for my english!)

this will be a fun one to see, any thoughts on how you’ll light it or from what perspective you might show the scene from. great idea.

Interesting dilemma :+1:

Funny idea!

Wonderful idea…poor Medusa…:cry: :smiley:

Hi, thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

At the moment i'm modelling the Base Mesh vor Medusa. As Reference for the Face i'm using the "so-called 'Rondanini Medusa'. A Roman copy after a 5th-century BC Greek original by Phidias." (Wikipedia)




I love medusa. really great concept. Poor medusa not only a lonley gal but also no candy for her, doesn’t she ever get a break lol. funny. as far as the candy bowl turning to stone and candy with it as long as they were holding it while being turned to stone totally works. poor medusa…lol.:smiley:

Great likeness to the original sculpture!

Hi, thanks for your Comments.

Unfortunately i didn’t find enough time for finishing this picture. I don’t know if I can make it in the ramaining 10 days. But I will finish it nevertheless because I like the idea of it :wink:

Following some of the stuff that I modelled so far:


Next Time getting it a little bit dirty and used with Projection Master …





Very nice modeling so far!

wicked work man. You’ve been holding out

really good layout for the snakes she has a great classic feel, can’t wait to see it done.

Very clean. Keep posting.:+1: