Runtime Error

I don’t know why I have this problem, but it is really irritating. If I want to open one of my more complicated models, I mean that they have a lot of details, parts, etc., I can’t work at them, because there appears an error - runtime error. There is almost no information about it, only that “this application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way”. I really don’t know what does it mean and what I have to do with it. :confused: I have Win 8.1. Please help.

i am new in sculptris, i love it. i want to learn it and use it but it crash all the time.
i am using windows7 pro, this time got this message–

Runtime error!
Program :C:/Pr…
This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application support team…

no idea what it means. when sculptris crashed, it usually it save the drawing
but this time, when i open the sculptris, nothing save…

anybody can help me out? thanks.

The same thing. That’s OK when I sculpt some simple faces, but not all character.
After it riches like 1.5 mil triangles program begins to crash.

P.s. English isn’t my first language. I will probably make mistakes. Sorry.

I’m having the same problem as described above. An answer would be much appreciated!
best regards - Phineas

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that there will be any answers directly from Pixologic on this one. The original creator hasn’t worked with them for quite some time and they don’t seem have any reasons to continue working on a competing program.

This is pretty common though. Each computer has it’s limit that it reaches when it comes to running Sculptris. With so many possible hardware combinations, there really isn’t a guide to say when your computer will reach it’s particular limit. For a while, I worked on a laptop that could only get between 30-32k tris before Sculptris would crash. Not a lot that you can do except keep an eye on the tri count as you’re sculpting and use the reduce brush on areas that are too dense and don’t need it. Once you know your computers limits, you can focus more on just sculpting.

Unfortunately you’re right, that’s the point… the computer’s limit :confused: Thank you for the answer (ye, I know I write two years later our topic :smiley: ).