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Mai Shiranui - Fan Art
Hi Everyone! Project to study about 3D modeling with Zbrush.
Decimation model from Zbrush, rendered with Maya+VRay and post-production with Photoshop. I’m still working on details. More info here.

Wow! She looks great, very nice flow in the body and movement. It all looks very dynamic :slight_smile:

this is really cool, love the dynamism of the hair and cloth!

Great work and breakdowns are appreciated

Wow, Rodrigo!
Beautiful, sexy, and faithful to the original 2D sprite from the games. Lovely female anatomy, and fantastic work on the clothing! Whew! Top-Row worthy in my book.
Gorgeous. Keep it up!

I really like the flow of the curves in the model !

Thank you all guys for the kind words! I’m really glad that you liked!
Soon I hope create some breakdowns images of her.

Coming from a comic book background, it’s very cool how you got ‘that look’ with her HAIR in 3D. So dynamic and smooth… so alive. The cloth is sweet as well… and of course so is the female character (the floor looks cool too). Good stuff here.

Thanks a lot Dragon! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it! Cheers!

rodrigo.g , you are absolutely insane!Shadow Moon is my fave character. You got my full respect for it. Thank you very much for your share. Keep up ur GREAT work!

Thanks theGreatAlbertus! I’m really happy that you liked it! Cheers!

Hi everyone! This is my final entry with Mai Shiranui from KoF series to participate in 3D Fan Art challenge.

Modeled and textured with ZBrush, rendered with Maya+V-ray and post-production with Photoshop. More info here.
I wish I could have more time to learn setup better lights, shaders and render, but I need to move on. I will improve in the next challenge.

Looks good. Like it a lot.

I agree great showcase and I really loved the breakdown of how it was done very informative.
thanks for sharing it with us.

Awesome! If I were you, I would totally 3D print this :smiley:

Thanks a lot guys! Glad you enjoyed it!

Icebox64 Thanks! One day I will try to do a 3d print of her. :smiley:


Once again, i love this, great work :slight_smile:

Thanks Marie! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
This is a WIP I did of “Jhonny Target” a Fan Art based on the concept art of Renan Nuche created from the graphic novel “Thanatos”.


Johnny target looks really good, i cant wait to see the finished one… and i must say, u nailed Mai, especially that stance