Recent Work Collection

Always amazed by your great work.

fantastic! inspirational and awesome :slight_smile: time to get back to work!

These are great, congrats on the Top Row! One small crit: Colin Kaepernick’s nose is not nearly as big as you made it, it seems to be about 10 to 15 % too large.

Great work!


Truly great sculpting ! I have no words to express its beauty.

Awesome work! Really great! :+1:

Really admire your work. I’m new to 3d sculpting and always have your work up so I can aspire to reach that level. Thanks for not hiding away!

You never disappoint, top tier stuff as always.

That JDS and Carl is just Awesome!!!

excellent work, as always

Man, your work is inspiring, very good.

Amazing work! Congrats!

cool stuff Raph, I especially like the girl :slight_smile:

Just a tremendous body of work!!! Love the VI and the walking dead stuff is killer. I am working on a Daryl Dixon piece right now, and it is hard to not look at the figure you did to see how you nailed his features. Plus that Karl is just creepy good. Thanks for sharing. :+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Hot damn! We need a new row above the top row for all of this.

Tip Top Row?

Thank you for the breakdown on how you made VI’s hair, its really helpful… Amazing detail on the Walking Dead, really inspiring work:+1:

Your work is insane crazy good!! :slight_smile:

so cool man

Hey guys, adding some more recent personal projects :slight_smile:

Personal project to study female faces. I wanted to try a few different techniques on eyes and hair, you can see a small breakdown bellow. Everything modeled and rendered using Zbrush, hair is fibermesh, eyebrow and eyelashes modeled and placed by hand. Hope you like it!


render passes breakdown







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This is amazing Rafael!

The face, especially the lower half reminded me Anne Hathaway.

Keep up the great work!

how did you do the eye texture? just poly paint or is that a photoshop overlay?