RECAP: ZBrush Summit 2016

Here’s more what I wanted it to look like. This is the same sculpt with a different head rendered out in material passes in KeyShot and composited in PhotoShop:

My plan is to eventually take him all the way to finish and possibly prep him for 3D print. I super enjoyed creating this guy, and I hope you enjoyed seeing him and the process behind him.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank pixologic for organizing awesome event! .It was an honor to be part of the Sculpt-Off this year and meet my favorite artists !
I had some technical difficulties while sculpting, My Z brush did crash 3 time and my key-shot render got stuck for half an hour or so and was not able to do Photoshop editing .
The final image is without Photo bashing it’s an raw render form key-shot , I am happy that i was able to complete my sculpt and render by the end of the challenge.

Here is my breakdown of sculpt and process i used for the Sculpt-Off challenge

these were my reference images is used for sculpting

Reference for sculpt.jpg

Base sculpture process.jpg

texture converted to mask.jpg

design sculpt process.jpg


insert mesh brushes.jpg

Final sculpt in zbrush.jpg

Final output



Hello there,
here’s my concept designed at the sculpt off.
First image is the one I delivered after 3 hours.

Here’s a revisited image, I made a rear view of the bust (but I didn’t touch the model).
I was so nervous at the Sculpt-Off, so I totally forgot to duplicate the model in the Keyshot’s scene and when I realized the oversight there was no more time!

Hi-tech Semi-rigid material, able to change rigidity thanks to electric shocks, emulating muscular contractions. In case of impacts it becomes almost indestructible and in case of falls and bullets it’s able to deform it self thanks to
its memory-foam structure. Before the apocalypse, these units had the role of patroling on the streets and were engaged on delicated missions (where human-units would be in high danger).
After the Apocalypse, the AI uses these drones for fighting human rebels. The unit can change typology of arm (integrated weapons, shields, etc.).

And here below are some screenshots from ZBrush.

(final sculpt)

(first steps - process’s breakdown)

(brain/motherboard and spine concept)


I also made a Turnable GIF, click here to see it: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Rldlm

Thank you Pixologic for the amazing experience, congratulations to all the artists that took part at the competition, was great meeting you guys!

Thanks for sharing this information.

Im completely jawless with what some of you come up with.

Have I missed it, or do we even have any idea when 4R8 is being released?

When you watched the presentation from Square Enix regarding their use of ZBrush on “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XIV” you no doubt saw that they were using a highly customized ZBrush UI.

This is the Custom UI that was used by Freelancer Mitsunobu Ochi, when creating the Glauca character in KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV, a film that is directly related to FINAL FANTASY XV the game, to be released November 29, 2016.


There are two variations: for displays at 1920x1080 resolution and 2560x1440 resolution.

To use:

  1. Download the ZIP file below.
  2. Extract to your computer.
  3. Select the desired version and copy it to your ZBrush 4R7 installation’s \ZStartup\UserInterfaceLayouts folder.

Now launch ZBrush and load the UI using your Preferences palette. If you wish you can then save it as your default UI.

Please note that these interfaces require ZBrush 4R7. They are not compatible with earlier versions or with ZBrushCore.



Kingsglaive Custom UI.zip (15 KB)

Amazing works
Thanks for the share ;]


Hi. Thanks for UI sharing, but i can’t setup UI properly.
Any solution?

You have it properly setup all you have to do for it to show up all the UI is load a model and hit edit and all of the UI elements missing will show up.

Also if you don’t have the same brushes in your library then you will have blanks in the brush pallet.

Thnx for help, all works fine

Any release date info for 4r8 yet?

I wish the artist Mitsunobu Ochi from Square Enix would have kindly provided the custom brushes and any custom Zplugins that was used in his custom UI. Without any of the other custom stuff provided it’s not the same custom UI he uses :confused:. Maybe Pixologic can politely ask him and hopefully he’ll share it ;).

I wish Disney Animation would be showcasing their models.

Aurick… info on when the new zbrush is coming? The summit was Oct.

Looking forward to the Real-time Booleans. …and the gizmo. and the 3D alphas. …and…

So I got an announcement in my mail box today about zbrush summit 2017.

Nice and all but last year I wasted time watching a presentation about zbrush 4r8. Did I miss the update somehow or did we get a presentation about something we won’t be getting until after the next zbrush summit? What is the status of 4r8 because frankly I don’t give a crap of zCore. It is useless to me since I already have Zbrush, i was promised an update. I’m still waiting 8 months after the announcement.
Did I overlook the update?

No, you missed nothing, nobody did. There’s no 4r8 so far.
Google gives only this answer: