RECAP: 3D Printer World Expo Update #9

Amazing videos, thank you!

The song he was playing is from tommy lee ’ body architects


Thanks a lot!

First of all, may I thank everyone for these great videos.

I was wondering if anyone has a link for the Pinch Crease brush that Adam uses in his tutorial?

I love it !
I also lost some fluids… :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

i’d also like to thank for the videos from the Neville Page presentation, was very interesting and I always watch the Face Off series where he’s a judge too.
I’ve always wondered why the contestants there don’t quickly make concepts with dynamesh in zbrush instead of sketches, Neville uses it ! :stuck_out_tongue:

ok sorry to reply to myself , but that’s freaky , some days ago I ask why the contestants on Face Off don’t use zbrush and this week’s episode , they get to sit down with Zbrush artists at gnomon to Zbrush sketch their concept lol.

amazing videos! thanks heaps for also posting the full talks by Neville and legacy! Will defiantly have to make my way down to 3d printer world next year!

Hi Zbrushers.

These videos inspired me to by a 3D printer. Just bought a duplicator 4X and I havent looked back…

Heres a tip for you…

The heated glass plate?.. the one you struggle to put 3M tape on or Kaplon tape to make your print stick to it without an epic fail???..

No more… Simply draw out a line of PVA glue (white school glue) and drag and spread it over the glass as thinly as you can.

Clip the plate into place and pre heat. The pre heat sets the glue (make sure not to use water proof pva) and print away. I havent had a print move on the print bed since I started doing this and it also has the benefit of easy print removal. You simply wait for the print and glass to cool then soak for 10 minutes in water. The print floats off. This works with both ABS and PLA

Give it a try


Thanks for share this.

fantastic stuff, I can see I will be popping back and forth to the video’s soo much info so little brain space left… :slight_smile:


post really helped me … thank you friend for this post :smiley:

did anyone has a link for the Pinch Crease brush that Adam Ross uses in his tutorial? :o