Ready, Set, Render!

Here are a few quick Z4R2 test renders of imported car mesh…

Imported! Read carefully.

Impressive renders indeed. Well done.

I am finding this upgrade awesome. The new and improved tools are beyond belief–great! I am new to ZBrush, having watched (on the Mac) from afar for years and years until version 4 came out for the Mac, as well as the PC. As I study the program, (Scott Spencer’s Gnomon training, for example is detailed and great!) and I try to learn as much as I can every single day; I have a (hopefully respectful) comment. I have already learned a lot from watching this LightCaps video. Even though it is fast, I can slow it down and watch it frame-by-frame. The problem though is that even though the frame size is 1024x576 (much high that previous version 4 tutorials from Pixologic) this 4 R2 video is blurry. Compared to stills, for example of the BPR Filter R2 video, it is hard to read and see the type and numbers in the individual frames. Perhaps they were rendered out at too high a compression on this one. Would it be possible to re-render this tutorial at a higher quality compression and re-post an update?

All appreciated. Thank you.

That was awesome. I used to do a similar light setup in mental ray, but this is much faster and more fun!

It is amazing!
Thank you for showing us BPR in action :cool:

Can’t wait to try it out

Thank you so much for showing this, the renders are waaay beautiful.

Thank you for your kind replies:)

I have added a breakdown of the steps presented in the movie to the first post.

How did you get different material properties on different parts of the car without selecting individual subtools and multiple shaders??? How did you make the windows transparent without selecting them? Did you just make the one matcap and then the final turntable has multiple materials and subtools? What is going on here?

EDIT* nevermind I get it. you were only making the light cap for the car shader.


wow!! awesome! :+1:

i like it, great work.

That’s great, thanks.

That quality is more than enough for my renders…

just wow, really interesting what we see here, thanks for sharing!

Well what i can say, you make my day happy :slight_smile: i never see a software in creation like that i worked in max, maya, and i never arrive in fast way to create characters, object anything come to my mind and make it in piece of paper, but what i just discover zbrush this month it changed my life completely in way of thinking no more afraid of vertex or else, just push,pull smooth, colorise and texture then boom :slight_smile: artwork done, that’s so amazing how people like pixologic think, they are so genius, anyway i talked here too much , you make my day easy in creation thank you sooooo much:0


I really appreciate this info. Speed scuplts or any type of speed tuts aren’t my thing, but this was very useful. The written steps are the way to go after the video. I’m new to Zbrush and have little info on rendering in Zbrush. It seems I have to devote so much time in searching for basic rendering knowledge. Can you do more tuts explaining rendering, materials and lights? Your work is awesome! Thanks:confused:

The light setup is amazing and I totaly get it but I just dont get how to get a decent glass like in your vid. All my transparency tests turn up having some sort of hazing and are not clear like yours.

I’ve searched for tutorials on glass and transparency in ZBrush, but have turned up with nothing useable as they all require compositing in photoshop.

If anyone could please post a tutirial on how to achive a show car glass material, I would greatly appreciate it


nice car!!

pixolator i dont see this feature being used enough so lets see if we can get this thread going again ??? http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?170433-Billet/page2
scroll down bottom of page my version of studio lights

I cant thank you enough! THANKS !!!