Ready, Set, Render! Part2

looks amazing, I will definitely refer to this for any organic render I do. Thanks a ton!

Thanks, beautiful render!!

wow!! :smiley:

These are really amazing.Very nice rendering. Also, modelling is great.

I love you. :smiley:

Impressive …

Thanks, awesome !

Nice renders, more for us to play with. Thanks!

Feature film and broadcast usually uses CG in movement, have you seen some awesome animation made in Zbrush? Humm… Zbrush is not a animation production tool, so your comment is a bit off. instead there are lots of scultors and modellers that have joined this awesome app and want to go further than the model itself, in feature film there are a lot of concept art done in real phisical scultures, that are painted and used materials with different ior for simulating real skin etc… that maket is growing digitally as well, most of the films today have a lot of digital sculpture in the concept art pre-production, and growing, this is a very welcome feature for those that work on this field, that´s for sure.

For small business of just artists, I can point myself, i am working on a character now and I used polypaint and BPR just to experiment the final look i wanna achieve in my regular 3d app, as a first goal, so i can improuve it even more afterwards… but if i were just doing a sculture, i will probably use it as my final image for my protfolio, saving hours or days of work to get a slightly better render, and it depends on your shading/lighting/render skills, making time for working in other projects. This way you don’t even need to worry about UVs, that is revolutionary in my opinion… the artist can focus on being artistic rather on the tech part of the job, that is what pixologic is for me, an app focused in the artist, and still a great aditional tool for creative technical directors.

Wow…! This is amazing pixolator!

With regards to the comments made regarding the usability of the Zbrush render capabilities in a film environment I can say the following. I am using the BPR and lightcap tools on a daily base at the moment. Being able to present polished, well lit imagery to the director and production team in such a time efficient manner is a huge step forward for this type of work. Zbrush is a tool specifically aimed for artists to create, design and explore. Don’t see it as a production core package, such as Maya, rather see it as a hugely timesaving addition to production in which ideas can be explored, worked out and polished beforehand.

I’m actually glad to see them taking rendering to the next step! Zbrush is fannnnntastic for concept design.

That being said, I wish the implementation of the material system was ala Maya/Softimage/Max/UDK/etc. Having a node based schematic view is so much easier to grasp visually and very, very good for organization/management as well as sharing macro’ed assets with others.

Same thing can be said of the first implementation of the pass system. It’s cool that we can have ZB put out a bunch of different passes but the management/organization of them just isn’t so great in its current form. Having something like the Softimage pass system and have the zbp file stores all the passes, cameras, lights, etc. would be great! I know that’s a huge endeavor and we’ll most probably NEVER see anything like that but hopefully it’s not too big a put off in expressing thoughts/ideas.

Regardless, the work shown here is phenomenal and glad Pixo and the team keep pushing the envelope ever further!

Completely agree with Jelmer.
But i’m also agree with Wayniac, actually in my opinion the rendering and material interface are really not enough confortable to work with. I love the state of mind of pixologic, of instead of working on old bases software, creating new methods of working, pixo revolutionise the industry! but actually lights materials and render are completely not confortable for me.

Anyways, the final result you obtain PIxolator is really great! and i can feel the power of this tool for concept design, i’m just hoping for some improvement in the way of using it.

The model of Madjid is great as always, he is one of the most inspiring actual sculptor!

All the best guys.

I Quote this ^ as well.

wow, fansinating man!
Could you show some processes just like it in your Ready, Set, Render! Part?


<iframe width=“420” height=“315” src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/Vh78T--ZUxY” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

In production it pays to know how to light and render. If you where ‘look developing’ this feature really doesn’t help.
Why waste time developing a look twice?

If you are illustrating/concepting on your laptop outside of a developed render pipe then yeah it is a nice feature.

Perhaps Pixologic, with the advancements in the lighting and rendering in zbrush, you should adjust the list of material attributes as they don’t relate to how people render in production.

The closer it relates to other prominent techniques the more useful it would be.

The render has some elements which personally I wouldn’t want even in a concept. Although I agree it does peak my interest as a solution contained inside a single app.

One suggestion if I may, would be to get rid of these materials which contain more attributes than needed and allow the user to simply assign attributes and elements to a basic shader. Therefore only adding what is needed. In essence a material creator. Not matcap but a system allowing the artist to add and remove what is needed/wanted.

I would really like to see this progress further

Very nice!!!:smiley:

This is a great. I’ve been enjoying the new rendering in ZB and have found it a great use for preparing concepts to show clients. It really does help the client to get an idea of how the characters will look further down the pipeline. That said, I’ve only been using the wax effect, which works well when the light is quite straight on to the model. When the light is higher/ perpendicular the render can look quite harsh. Maybe using the SSS will soften it down a bit.

Keep up the good work.


this is perfect…i am new with zbrush and i was on the search …how to put materials on something…and how to render that…this is the answer and the inspiration:D:D:D:D

I’d love an in depth tutorial in this shader and render!