Quick start videos

Thanks a lot for these tutorials, they were massively helpful. One question: I created some sphere that were meant to be eyes but they got unselected while I was trying to get them into place. Now they refuse to be selected separately from the rest of the sculpt. When I deselect everything and click on the sphere is selects the head instead. The only way I can actually select the spheres is by selecting everything. And even then the spheres can’t be edited. They also can’t be deleted without deleting the head. Any idea what to do?

Really I do not have idea about “Quick start videos”…Anybody can help me about “Quick start videos”?

heres one of mine that people say really helped

Here’s some of my rigging tuts / pipelines. Anyone with pipelines of their own or “under the hood” videos is more than welcome to join the group.

VFX Rigging

I never see skulptris! I think its very good for begin to start learning basics of 3d sculpting! I am 2d artist, not so good, but i work on my self, because i dream about times when i become a good artis =) lol. srry for my english. Thanks for video tuts!

Thanx a lot for these videos, I’m a beginner and was having trouble with texturing… now I understand a lot more, especially the multiple material usage :slight_smile: :+1:

Sculptris + 3dioot’s tutorials … I’m really impressed, this puts digital sculpting in three dimensions into the hands of the layman. :+1:

Thanks much for the tutorial!!!:+1: Brand new to 3D sculpting and have just started roughing this together. Can’t wait to detail it. Your tutorial will save me a lot of time with as opposed to the trial and error I have been using so far. Thanks again!

Oh, wow, very nice for someone new to 3D sculpting.

Thanks this was very helpful.

really nice post… i have learned a lot from it… good to see more like this…

Is the painting primer video posted somewhere else? I can’t seem to get it to play from the original link. :frowning:

Hi heres the link to Vimeo ,I played the video and it seems ok to me.

Thank you! I do not know why it wasn’t working but it is working now. Beautifully done video, it helped me greatly!

It’s a good job really

I have learned a lot from it.

Saved to bookmarks because I was searching for such beginner tutorials so much! Thank you.

By the way, do all of you guys use graphic tablets for modeling or it’s possible to work well with a computer mouse at the beginning?

Bit of a late response. I can only say for myself SKay, but I’m still using a keyboard and mouse. Never could get used to the pen and tablets.

awesome! thanks for making this a sticky. the Video outlines are very helpful.

Thanks for sharing this useful video. Bookmarked it.