Questions & Troubleshooting for ZBSee


We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality brought to the Main Forum through the new ZBSee!

Should you encounter any difficulties using or need help understanding ZBSee, please post here in this thread.

We will also be updating this thread with an FAQ as such questions and their answers are identified.


Q: What is ZBSee?
A: See the main announcement here.

Q: Can I post a text thread in the Main Forum?
A: No. The purpose of the Main Forum is to share your artwork. For that reason, ZBSee will only allow new threads to include attachments. If your thread is text-only, please use one of the other forums.

Q: Can I upload multiple images in a single post?
A: Yes! The first image in your attachment list will be the main image for the Tile. All other images can be navigated to by using the arrow icons that will appear when someone hovers over the image in its Tile. And they can of course be seen by anyone who expands the Tile to thread view.

Q: Now that the bottom row of thumbnails is gone, what’s the point of creating post thumbnails?
A: Post thumbnails are still valuable! They appear next to your name in every post you make, just like an avatar would on other forums around the internet. As a result, the more you participate across ZBrushCentral (whether it’s commenting on other artists’ work or answering user questions) the more exposure your most recently shared artwork will receive as well! Post thumbnails are free advertising for your work and will help you gain more favorites and followers.

Q: Will a Tile be created if the image I upload is part of a reply to a thread, rather than a new thread?
A: It depends! If the thread is someone else’s, then no. If the thread is yours, then yes. But don’t forget that there’s a check box under where you upload your images, which you can check to prevent a Tile from being created. An example of when this is useful is if you’re uploading some interface screenshots which benefit the thread but aren’t something you want on display in your ZBC gallery.

Q: When uploading my artwork, should I reply to my previous Tile or create a new one?
A: It’s up to you! Either way, a new Tile will be created. Your followers will be notified and it will be added to your gallery. There really is no wrong way. If the new image is directly related to a previous Tile (such as if you’re showing WIP images) then you might prefer to reply to that Tile rather than starting a totally new one. What this will do is keep the new images as part of the thread that someone can see by expanding the Tile. But thanks to your user gallery and the Following system, even if creating a wholly new Tile it will still be incredibly easy for people to find your work and see how it all fits together.

Q: Can I see the forum the old way?
A: Yes. In the main navigation bar (where you also have the Favorites and other buttons) you can toggle between “Classic” and “ZBSee”. So you can have the best of both worlds, depending on your moods and needs.


I encountered some problem:
-I lose the visibility of some images I posted in my principal thread. there is the way to show them as principal images?


Clicking the “Thread Gallery” link should display all the work done in the thread. If there are missing tiles, please submit a Support ticket (at and we’ll resolve the issue.



  • Email links to new posts in threads do not work.
  • Linking to a specific post in a thread does not work. This makes posting a tutorial in an existing thread pointless.
  • Main page is a waste of bandwidth (autoloading).
  • Links at bottom of page are nearly impossible to get at because of autoloading or what ever its called.
  • Placing posts in main forum without an image results in Windows 8 like error about needing "tiles" Windows 8 is a monumental failure, not something to imitate. Again this kills off posting tutorials and things with text in them and not images.
  • Getting to threads where one has been having a conversation for years is now either impossible or very difficult.
  • Links provided in "New Posts" at the top do not work.
  • UI seems designed for touch based devices such as phones, ZBrush does not run on phones.

But wait theres more!

Useful HTML stuff such as lists, frames and the like are now harder to get at.


Hi MealeaYing,

Thanks for your feedback. We’re definitely taking it into consideration. Even so, here are some comments regarding your individual points:


Hi there,
I can’t find any “View Original Thread” on the top of any page,nowhere.

Furthermore there is no recognizable order of the tiles,it’s like 2 min ago,
1hour ago,3weeks ago,4weeks ago,10 min ago and so on.

Have managed to find the “recently posted” thumbnails,but clicking on
them leads to the first page with the tiles instead of the threads.


…page (ZBsee) is a selection of posts or an automatic refreshing of all posts?

PS Previous Signature seems have disapeared !


Hey I like the new forum, good job!
Even though I have some questions:

If I click ZBM Forum,
How do I get to the thread’s last post?

If I click on the picture, Firefox opens the thread in same tab, If I click on the title Firefox opens it in a new tab with this Thread Gallery-> cool. :+1:
If I now want to go back to ZBM Forum, the link is greyed out. Ok. I can click the new most recent button, but shouldn’t both links available to not confuse user?
If I have clicked the picture, there is no link back except the browsers “go back” function.

The page numbers are gone, aren’t they? Some threads have a reference to a special page in the description, but I guess Entries and the old pages are not the same?

Can I enter a certain entry number?

Any chance to an entry link list in old style called 1,…23,24,25 linkable with RMB -> save link click?

If I see one of the last posts in overview, beneath the pics I already looked at, I would like to click directly to this post to read it. Is this possible?
I am able to open the User Gallery by clicking the users name but not the reply.
Sure, I can click the Entry and scroll to the post, just asking.

No “View of original thread” either.
I tried Win Explorer, Firefox and Opera on win7 64Bit.


this removing paging and replacing it with auto load trend that is spreading across the net is really annoying.

there are some brushes on page 73 of the IMM repository thread, to get to them and that section of the thread i have to first go through the first 72 pages…everytime?

who is ever really going to ever get to page 81…139…and so on and then came back and load all those pages and then pick up where they left off? how can someome “browse” the thread rather than scan though every image?

you have to mark this, find it in a list of that, search some date. click here, scroll some, load everything all over again…instead of simply noting the page number.

i appreciate hard work and progress and understand things have to change and there is a lot to like about the redesign but somethings are just change and not better.

if one wants to depreciate the old and push a focus on the new, like youtube and many pop sites do, then there is a purpose to removing a function like choosing a page. they say to their users “this guy has 3000 videos, if you want to see what he did a year ago you have to first scroll through what he’s done currently, or you have to see what he did 2 years ago and scroll back.”

auto loading and scrolling is about control, not about user or publisher friendliness…it depreciates the middle and often the end.


The option to choose Classic or ZBSee is great! Thank you!

Also, thanks for getting our signatures back.


Ok, silly question here. This is probably obvious and I’m missing it but how do you change the front tile image? If you upload a group of images, how do I control which one is displayed in the tile? Shouldn’t it be the thumbnail? Right now on a post I recently made I uploaded 2 images, I would prefer to have a specific one of those to be the main tile image. Right now its the wrong one. How do I fix this.


Firstly, I’d like to say I very much like the new concept for ZBC, but I’m finding favouriting posts and browsing pictures frustrating on my tablet since the favourite button and the buttons to browse pictures are hidden behind mouse-over events… unless there’s some kind of trick I’m missing? As Mealea mentioned, it seems to be favouring a touch interface, but at the same time hiding features from a touch interface…??
(I’m using a Windows Surface, with modern UI Internet Explorer)

(Just checked it on my Android phone, it looks a lot better! I can get to the next arrows easily, but the favourite button seems to be completely inaccessible at this time.)

It also seems that popping tiles to the top on the main page when they get a new comment (which seems to be how it is working, correct me if I’m wrong) will result in repeatedly seeing the same images. Would it not be better to only pop tiles to the top of My Favourites (and for Following, pop to top when OP comments), so I can effectively subscribe to threads and keep up to date only with conversations I’m interested in?

For my personal preference, on the main page, I’d rather just see images and no comments, in a strictly chronological order of image submission, so I know when I’ve seen everything there is to see since my last visit. Since most comments are things like ‘Great work!’ (which is very nice, please don’t get me wrong) if I’m not involved, I don’t really need to see it.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing how the wrinkles get ironed out. Thanks for the updates!


What happened to ‘Reply with Quote’? I see it’s no longer available in the Other Questions and Troubleshooting Forum.


there is an icon next to the reply link, it says “reply with quote” when moused over, but it doesn’t seem to work.


The quote thing is gone…
Neato! I will make do with NotePad…
Aurick, thanks for referring to my rant as feedback, you are ever the diplomat even when Im in a snit.

  • Email links to new posts in threads do not work.
  • Sure they will. For example: In fact, such a link opens in a traditional view of the thread. To get this link, click the Tile's picture so that you can see the expanded view. Then click "View Original Thread" at the top left corner of the page. You can't see the forum index page the old way, but individual threads within it are still fully accessible.

    This is fixed now, all email links were sending me directly to the Main Page that did all that autoloading…

  • Linking to a specific post in a thread does not work. This makes posting a tutorial in an existing thread pointless.
  • See my previous reply. Further, if you open your original thread in this way and reply to it with your tutorial the tutorial will create a new Tile (if there are images) and will still be within the original thread as well. So people can get to it either way.

    This is at least partially fixed too I think since we can now get at the old view…
    The thing is that tutorials are often pure text with ZBrush since its so easy to describe how to do things, I usually don’t want an icon when Im just posting some neat thing I figured out and am describing. If I put up a tutorial about how to get around the GroupByNormal button thing not working right I don’t want a tile springing up for it especially if its just the last icon I might have saved for something unrelated. I have stopped saving icons as they appear like Avatars on other sites and that gets very confusing. Actually the last few have been saved to make ZBC stop asking me if I want to save them when Im doing an edit. Its like telling ZBC to leave me alone about the bloody icon…

  • Main page is a waste of bandwidth (autoloading).
  • You're going to have more bandwidth with or without the autoloading because you're now seeing all images. On the other hand, this is offset a great deal by no longer having to scroll through post after post to find images -- if the thread even had a new image to begin with.

    The main page went nuts, loading and loading and loading, some of the stuff on it was very very old and had no discernible order. Now that the “classic” view is there I don’t have to worry about it but I was seriously thinking of using AdBlock to kill the script making the images come up. When I am looking for someones images I look in their gallery, I don’t see how all that mayhem would help with anything aside from random image viewing, its like having everything in an entire store crammed into the front window.

  • Links at bottom of page are nearly impossible to get at because of autoloading or what ever its called.
  • Only on the index page of the Main forum. Any other forum page works as before. Also, if you click the "My Favorites", "Following" or "My Posts" tab, you'll get to those links if you want them. But that is good feedback and it move those links somewhere else on the index page.

    I found out later that the links at the bottom were accessible on other pages, that is correct, however the point about favorites and following is interesting, I should have nothing in either. Unless being subscribed to a thread is now following and having favorites is linked in some way to the thread rating stuff both should be empty for me. Um… one of them has stuff in it I have never even seen…

  • Placing posts in main forum without an image results in Windows 8 like error about needing "tiles" Windows 8 is a monumental failure, not something to imitate. Again this kills off posting tutorials and things with text in them and not images.
  • The Main Forum is for posting artwork. So any new thread in the Main Forum MUST have an uploaded image. However, replying to a thread/Tile does NOT require an uploaded image. If you wish to add a tutorial to one of your posts, do this: 1) Go to My Posts. 2) Click on the Tile that you wish to supplement with your tutorial. You can now either Quick Reply at the bottom of the page, Go Advanced for more options or at the top of the page click "View Original Thread" and reply exactly how you're used to. Your new tutorial will be part of the Tile you're creating it for.

    I think I addressed this above, but this doesn’t just apply to tutorials, it applies to general conversations about ZBrush which were possible in the main forum before and seemingly are not any more (I haven’t tried since classic view popped up). If its just for artwork now then that changes things and I think I should move my thread to something less rigid. The tutorial section springs to mind but its (my thread) sort of all over the place, its a mixture of experimentation, tutorials, humor, things I made and stuff made by others, some of it is even artwork, hell it even has Michalis and I doing some world class bickering about Blender! I don’t get to my thread using ZBC stuff, I have a bookmark or I use links in my email, both were broken, now both work again…YAY!

  • Getting to threads where one has been having a conversation for years is now either impossible or very difficult.
  • Advanced Search is still there. We also now have the Calendar if you know when (or approximately when) it was being made. Further, if there is a thread you want to keep an eye on simply make it a Favorite. You'll now always have access to it, no matter how old it is.

    This is again fixed by classic view, but the idea of knowing when something was posted is amusing to me, if I am lucky I might get the year right, as for searching by name… I can’t even begin to spell half of the names on here. I remember where things are mostly by context, and besides, you can only search once then you have to wait, then you are told you are searching too soon… I have never had much luck with it. Actually I would work on search before changing the way the site works. Search is sort of screwy, and if this stuff were aimed at making the site more image oriented it did NOTHING for making it easier to upload them.

  • Links provided in "New Posts" at the top do not work.
  • They're working fine for me. I tested just now. Perhaps it was a glitch when you tried?

    That got fixed… so YEP!

  • UI seems designed for touch based devices such as phones, ZBrush does not run on phones.
  • ZBC is not ZBrush. Not everyone views ZBC on the same computer that they run ZBrush on. I, for one, often go to ZBC while I'm having dinner in a restaurant. Or waiting for a movie to begin. You might well be different but one of my biggest turn offs with a website is when it turns out to not be friendly for mobile devices. Very often I will opt instead for a competing website that is friendly to both platforms, just so I don't have to deal with having different bookmarks for different devices.

    ZBC is, to a vast number of people, PART of ZBrush, not just new people many of whom consider it to be the only real documentation, and in fact a great place to get the documentation translated into something human readable.
    All websites are NOTHING BUT a GUI for some underlying code which is generally expected to make life less confusing not more. There are a lot of websites that acknowledge the fact that a lot of people are sitting in restaurants, movie theaters and careening off of cliffs in automobiles while looking at the internet by making a mobile version of their site, these sites do not work well on a normal computer a fair amount of the time and usually the server will redirect traffic as needed. Just because a tablet or phone does something in a particular way doesn’t mean that someone sitting at a computer wants it to work that way. The whole touch screen thing is frankly getting on my nerves, people keep trying to touch my dammed monitor. Soon I will see how they respond to my windexing their eyes! I dont have any of these mobile devices, I have no need for them but when I make a website I make two versions, one for the mobile things and one for normal computers. Not that I make a lot of websites any more but the servers can tell what you are using and direct you accordingly.

    But wait theres more!
    Useful HTML stuff such as lists, frames and the like are now harder to get at.
    Still available in the View Original Thread view.

    I dont have a “View In Original Thread View” as near as I can tell, where is that? But now that Classic view is back I don’t need it I don’t think… right?

    Anyhow thanks again Aurick, I now have a list of problems that is FAR shorter:
    The Quote stuff which was so useful is now missing! And that causing this post to be hard to read I suspect…



    It turns out that “View Original Thread” was only available to moderators. Sorry about that. Now that the various changes have gone into effect, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway.

    Also, when creating a tutorial you do NOT have to have a Tile. When you’ve uploaded and inserted your images, look at the attachments list beneath where you’re composing your post (above where you create the post icon). There’s a check box to prevent the post from creating a Tile. You ALWAYS have control over what will create a Tile or not. This also controls what will end up going into your gallery, so all those images in tutorials can stay in the thread rather than among your artwork. That has been in from the very start. :slight_smile:


    Is there a specific reason that Reply With Quote isn’t working?


    I think they removed it, possibly to cut down on stuff that doesn’t contribute itself well to thread content.


    Well, no, they didn’t remove it. It just isn’t working properly.

    Yes, there has been a lot of that around here lately. :wink:


    I can´t get the quote working. Could anybody explain how to use it please?:o