Queen Rihanna (Nefertiti) Part 2

Hi everyone!

Here is an updated version of Queen Rihanna. I did a little
more work on her to get a studio photography look. I hope you all
like it!



This piece makes me feel like I’m the Only Girl in the World! Which is frankly more than a little confusing. :laughing:

Great work on this! The photo style render is very effective. :+1:

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@Spyndel thank you :pray:t5:

Stunning! Love your studio photography look :+1:

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Absolutely remarkable! Especially in B&W. Alone at my computer, I literally applauded.

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Thanks @Jaime! I’m glad you like it :100::ok_hand:t5:

I really appreciate that @anand7 :100::pray:t5:

Wow, amazing! Thought it was a photograph!

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@ZMichael thanks! That’s exactly what I was going for​:ok_hand:t5:

Man this is amazing!

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@tomas_sackmann thanks man! Your work is amazing too​:fire::fire::fire:

This is one of the greatest projects I have ever seen!

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Thanks alot @jkSon :pray:t5:

Beautiful work , if not the headdress I would thinking it was a real photo, just perfect , the metal shaders just give it away , the organic part of this job is superb !

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@MEC4D thanks you! I’m glad you like my work :raised_hands:t5::pray:t5:

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Insane! Likeness is spot on!

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@lukask thank you​:pray:t5:

Really amazing job!

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@arash_1537 appreciate it :muscle:t5: