Problem in Sculptris

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using Sculptris for a year now, but I just can’t seem to get around this problem…
When I try to make details the texture becomes very… well, weird!

Check this out:

Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance /Kuwa


Weird texture problem.jpg

im new here and to sculpting,but in this video he explains that a bit,
good luck!

What video?

Looks like you may have just stretched it a bit too much. Should be a pretty easy fix though.

Try turning on the wireframe first. Then use the reduce brush a bit on those areas (and possibly a bit of the smooth brush if needed). Once the tris are a bit evened out, just use the grab brush again. This time not to move the area, but when you are zoomed in just clicking on an area with the grab brush will increase the triangle count within the brushes area without effecting the topology of the mesh. Then you can go back in and add as many details as you want on a more even surface.

I’m assuming that will fix your issue, but if not just post again and I’m sure someone should be able to figure it out.

oops my bad! here ya go forgot to put link.
it was posted in this section:
i learned alot from these videos.