Possible for Ctrl + Shift to default to Lasso instead of Rectangle?

I use the Lasso more often than the Rectangle so is there a way to make it come up by default?

I tried changing the hotkey but that doesn’t work.

I also tried saving the Rectangle brush with the Lasso stroke but that leads to some wonkiness when I need to switch Stroke types.

Hello @Germinate,

The only way I’m aware of to do this would involve using a custom script or a macro to switch to this brush on startup.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That looks like a good one! Thank you :+1:

There is a zcript called ZStartup Utility in the pixologic download center Pixologic :: Resource Center that can save the brushes you want to start up along with lots of different start up settings. I’ve been trying it out is pretty cool so far. image

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Oh right, I forgot about this plugin. I may have even downloaded it before and never installed it. Thanks! Looks nice and easy.

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