Pocket Book

These are promotional images for a sales website’s pocket books.
The slogan is “great histories in small spaces”. That’s why Sleeping Beaty is compacted on her bed.
The concepts were made by Manipula Studio.

You can check the other images at my company’s website

I hope you like it.





These are great! Love the style.

Great job all the way around :):+1:

Nice…Thumbs up!:smiley:

Terrific! I would so love to have that Hannibal as a Toy :slight_smile:

Love the last one, good job

its great to see something different every now an again. brilliant work!

Even Hannibal looks cute! I love your style. It comes across very strongly.

Great style. I truly enjoy your works!

Wonderful pieces full of charm. :+1:

Great the way you captured the colours in the last supper image. That is not easy to do in regards how they were when the original was made.

nice models

Really nice character designs!

Like your style

Excellent! Great work! :+1: