PLY format plugin for ZBrush 4R8

Ahh ok, well that’s a shame =C
Do you know if there are plans to expand on core ZScript functionality in near future versions?

As for SDK, I’m guessing I’d need that to create a custom .DLL like you’ve done here that could do the operations?
So my only other choice is then to use:

To launch my exported object into my own executable which does the operations, and then reimport when it’s done?

Hope I’m on the right track, thanks!

edit: / Thanks, I’ll dig into that info a bit and make a new thread if needed, cheers!

No, if you know some C++ you could write a DLL that you could access from zscript, without the need for an executable. It then wouldn’t be too difficult to parse the OBJ file and get the data you need. There’s a link here to some DLL code I posted recently. ZBrush likes the basic form of the function in that code, even though several of the parameters are not used.

Once you have a DLL written you use the [FileExecute] command to access it, in much the same way as the ZFileUtils.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll help if I can (but perhaps start a new thread in the ZScript Help forum :wink: ).

Rhino PLY files must be run through Autodesk Meshmixer for your import script to work in ZBrush, which gives an error -4. I’ve isolated the problem to an ASCII file format difference, in that changing “vertex_index” to “vertex_indices” fixes it in the following header line:

property list uchar uint vertex_index


This plug-in sounds very interesting. Is this the only way to import a mesh with vertex colors to a ZBrush subtool with polypaint?



You can use the FBX plugin to import an FBX file. If there’s vertex color then it will be imported as polypaint.

That’s very useful info, many thanks! :+1:

Thanks marcus! It works so well.

I’d like to print my stuff.
Is there any way to resize?
should I measure it in printing program?

Looks like it works in 4R8 P2. :sunglasses:

I’ve updated for 4R8. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your effort! But I can´t get it to work :frowning:
I used Agisoft Photoscan to create ply-file (if that is important to know) and when I try to import it, Zbrush says “An error occurred with PLY import. Error code: -4”

Is there someone who knows what the problem could be?


That error means there are no faces for your model. The plugin can’t handle point clouds so you need to generate the mesh in Agisoft Photoscan first.

Thank you for answering so quickly! Ah, I did not know that. I wanted it just to be able to edit point clouds.

ZBrush won’t allow point clouds so the plugin would need to do its own mesh generation to handle them. I might add that at some point but the options for editing are likely to be limited. You’ll be better off with a program that is dedicated to point clouds.

The 4R8 version has the same bug that it won’t handle Rhino PLY files without manually editing the ASCII line about property list from “vertex_index” to “vertex_indices.” Might you account for this variation?

Apologies, I forgot about that. It’s done - try the latest version and let me know if there are any problems.

Cool :sunglasses:
Thanks marcus_civis

Hello, can I use the Ply import plugin from 4r8 in ZB2018?

Yes, no problem.

Man, this is extremely useful! :+1:
Thanks marcus_civis