Playing with polygons topology

Hi there!

Some of you may recognize this fellow. He has been my trusted ‘guinea pig’ since the early days of Sculptris, a victim to all manner of rough deformation, painting and bumpmapping. Today I’m turning his entire polygonal skin into quadrilaterals, using an automatic algorithm that I am currently developing. Hopefully he will forgive me for this treatment :slight_smile:

I’m certain that you will all find ways of putting this new functionality to good use when it’s completed. There are already discussions posted on the forum about how to manually transfer models from Sculptris into ZBrush for further detail work, a process which would be greatly simplified and accelerated with this new ability.

We will provide more information when this tool becomes available for Sculptris and ZBrush in the future.

Until then - keep sculpting!quadpreview.jpg

Are we talking about auto-retopo here?

This is fantastic news ,cant wait for more on this. :slight_smile:

This is awesome, keep up the good work! :+1:

i don´t even dare to imagine how mindboggeling the algorithm of scultris is so far. now you hit rocket-sience :wink:

great to hear that sculptis is still in developement.

thank you!

This looks awesome! Nice work Dr. Petter!

Wow, thats what i have dreamed of! Looks very nice. I hope to see this in one of the next incarnations of Sculptris;)
Great to see its moving forward!

Thanks DrPetter.

Any hopes of user defined guides for this?

Keep playing Doctorandus P. the stuff looks and sounds great :slight_smile: :+1:

awesome! hope that the next stage will be integrations of topology tool like in 3dcoat! would be a fantastic workflow between zbrush and sculptis!
for now, being able to export a quad based topo to zbrsuh (even if its not perfect) will be most welcome :):slight_smile:
great job!

We have see that in a Zbrush journey today at Paris France by Thomas Roussel aka Totyo (Pixologic)
Bravo for the effort! :+1:

Can’t wait for this new fonction! Damn cool!!! :grimacing:

sounds cool …looking forward for this!:+1:

looks very promising

Dr Petter I am willing to beta test Sculptris, I have previous beta testing experience.

Sounds fantastic :smiley:
Can’t wait to hear some more about this.


Awesome Dr. Peter! truly awesome. This will save so much head ache.

Being able to model with self generating quads would be a real solution for inter opererability with other 3d prgrams…If the price of such an app was within reason it would fill a real niche in the cg art world…you have my support.


I’m just waiting for the technology of Sculptris to be installed inside of Zbrush, currently Sculptris is too buggy and wacked out to use seriously, imo.

But an Auto-Retopo idea is a great direction, let’s get it done!