Pixologic Interviews: ILM Creature Modeler Frank Gravatt (Spiderwick Chronicles)

awsome sculpts and great interview
really inspiring and just make me want to work more hard to get to the level
thx for sharing the great job :smiley:

I’m speechless!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

really great inspiration! really amazing stuff!
keep posting your amazing work
Alex Oliver

thanks for this great interview, really inspiring. :+1:

Very nice to see Frank get some props…I’ve known him for 25+ years and have been consistently amazed by his talent. Nice to see that all that time covered in clay in the garage back in the day really paid off!

Thats quiet a journey sir. Its good to finally see the people behind the monsters. Fantastic work.


really really great work. inspirational :smiley:

Thanks for all the kind words. It really means alot to me. Im glad to finally be sharing some work with all the great artist here in the Zbrush community.
All of YOUR work truly inspires me.

Thanks again!.


Keep America Strong, Watch horror films…

Great interview

So cool to see such quality. :+1:

Great work!

Thanks a lot for this interview: I read it with growing excitement. Talent, patience and determination are unbeatable when they work together!

Thanks also to Pixologic, the white raven amongst software makers who not only create such exciting software, but who do everything they can to keep us inspired!

yet again, thanks to zbc, for another inspireing interview. my fingers always starts to itch, when i read this kinda stuff. thanks.

sounds like you are living out one of my biggest dreams.

looking foward to see more great work from you.


great story man…thanks a lot for interview. And you’ve amazing portfolio, keep going :wink:

Amazing Interview. Its always inspiring to get an insight into the lives and work of other talented artists in the industry.

I have never been as excited as i was when reading an interview. Very inspirational, just shows how much someone can achieve when you set a goal and work hard for it.

Wow ! great Artist !..impressive history of your life …i love your works !
thanks alot for Interview…

You’ve given me some excellent movie moments, and I now I know who did them! Thanks for the peek.

good work man do more.

Very inspiring work, was great to see the accompanying screenshots.

My family and I enjoyed the movie, and my son was very happy to see how the main creature was created.


This movie deserves all the attention it gets and more. Hopefully this interview inspires folks to see it again. I loved the look, and appreciate the insight of the interview.