peter pan

:slight_smile: merci! alfred wallace,i’m going to try to answer at this question of bacgrounds:modelised or no; well, both: i texture or a plane 3d, or more often a curved plane surface" meshed",often whith a photo , then AFTER i go gently in zadd or sub or m, to deform (a little) the plane, and it is able to take light, and to enhance 3d feeling; of course it’s only for bakgrounds, or very imprecise form…in the picts i join: first,just a photo of the little country road behind a friend’s farm: it was just to show to friends at the moment what happens in 3d: i apply the numeric photo on a plane 3d, then change as you see the form a little, and the light (more); it’s not modelled, it’s a little modelled!

next, you can , as in the background of the monster, model a little more: the trees are on a vertical plane, the grass on a “noisy” plane, the stoines slightle zadd; so you have a little shadows…

:slight_smile: and end, in these 2, it’s more complicated: in sumerian warrior, the stones are photos of stone (little ones) on sort of potatoes spheres, to have more shadows; in the sword, all the elements of snowy landscapes are on simple modelled forms, with sometimes noise (in transform palette)… Friendly M;

:confused:garggle, always i miss one pict…

IN the world of Miles Davis
“Born to do it”!!

just speachless marcel , just wish I could speak french to express my thanks for alowing us to set eyes upon your work,its a privalige :slight_smile:



IN the world of Miles Davis
“Born to do it”!!

just speachless marcel , just wish I could speak french to express my thanks for alowing us to set eyes upon your work,its a privalige :slight_smile:



Amazing artwork… simply amazing. It spurs me on to greater works. Thanks :slight_smile:

Dans quels montages de résolution de télévision moniteur marcel, si je peux demander, travaillez-vous?
j’ai apprécié aussi la brume subtile dans les certains domaines et le champs déchiqueté
Vous êtes très prolific comment long fait il vous prend pour finir un morceau?


As always i’ve enjoyed your work marcel. I love the painted effect you get in your artwork. Like the goblin or monster above… :eek: How do you get that painted effect? Do you think you could make a zscript on it?

Hi Adam
Do you use a translator language like Google by hasard ? Your french is very special :smiley:
My english too :smiley: but I don’t make rely of the automatic translator maybe I should :smiley:

Hi Marcel
Super terrific all this images :cool:

Comme dab le “post” est un peu désordre mais cela vient :smiley:
Je ne vois pas ou est la difficulté de l’“Upload image” yaka suivre :slight_smile:

Hi Alfred
Il ne faut pas hésiter à se lancer !
ZBrush est icroyable !!!
Il n’y a pas plus “fun” sur le marché :cool:
And this Forum reply for all questions :slight_smile:
Try it you will be surprised !

Awesome stuff, Marcel! Thanks for brightening my day! :+1:

Marcel , I kinda have a request.
A friend of mine was blown away by your image and would like to print it out in big to use as a poster , so he can hang it in his room.
Do you have a bigger version of the peter-pan image ? because enlarging it from the current image will lose a lot of quality :frowning:

Awesome :+1: :+1: :+1:


thanx, Marcel for you so quick 'n exhaustive answer. I’ve clearly understood now how you proceed.
Au fait une question pour Frenchy Pilou: Y aurait il quelquepart des Tuts en francais pour debuter?
a plus

Awesome! simply awesome…extreamly well done!! :slight_smile: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :slight_smile:

hello Alfred
Y a bien mes tuts en bas de page :smiley:
Ils sont très faciles et variés :slight_smile:
Le seul truc à comprendre avec Zbrush, c’est le mode “Zadd, Zsub” !!!
Je bouge la souris : ça monte !
Idem avec la touche Alt : ça creuse !
Avec cela on peut tout faire !
Bon Zbrushage !
Ne pas hésiter à charger le manuel et surtout le Quick Guide : indispensable pour avoir une vue d’ensemble !
De plus le Quick Guide est somptueux !
Bon Zbrushing et les questions qui vont fleurir :wink: C’est le printemps, profitons-en :smiley:

Hi Marcel,
lovely examples of technique, with stunning results.