Painting Issues

Hi everyone,
today I tried the paint mode for the first time.

After a crash I used recover and the texture was all black and I wasn’t able to paint on it anymore.
The bump map was still intact though, also changing materials still worked.

I’ve tried different approaches to fix the problem.
-tried the photoshop projection

Still, as soon as I reopen a saved sculpt with UV data in paint mode the texture is all black without being able to paint on it.


Also, a “save incremential” option would be nice.

To give you a better picture of my problem… well, a picture of how it looks with the default material.
Also, I still can paint on the bump layer… only the color layer doesn’t work anymore.

Have you checked the brush strength slider? or the heigthmask options?

It was the mask… I fumbled around a bit on the three buttons and now the color is back :slight_smile:
Thank you!