Old Man Bruce Wayne bust (Batman Beyond/The Dark Knight Returns)

New bust WIP based off pictures from Batman Beyond’s Wayne, and The Dark Knight Returns, let me know what you think :slight_smile: I’m still working on his chin, will post morew as they come out haha.


old man wayne picture 1.jpg

bruce wayne picture two.jpg

Progress, gave some depth to the bags nunder his eyes, rounded them a bit to make them actually act like they should. shortened the chin, widened and defined a smidge, and messed a bit with his hairline to make it look more natural.bruce wayne progress 3.jpg

changed the chin some, turned off symmetry, added a broken nose and scars (realistically, batman only ever had his wounds dressed by his butler, so there would be scars, solo…added scars.). The attentive eye may notice five distinct claw marks across his face…wonder who from?old man bruce wayne head.jpg

Hey! This is very nice work. I love the Batman Beyond series. You have captured the drawing style very well.

Thank YOU! I’m really happy with how it turned out, i just wish i could get modelling torsos right, and legs…and
hands…so i could make an entire model out of it. do you have any suggestions? I’m pretty new at all this haha

updated picture, finer details, fixed the broken nose and added a scar from how many times it’s been busted :0 enjoy and critique please!

bruce wayne head sculpt.jpg

Great bust! Dont know the series but can see Wayne in there from other comics.

Good job.