Octo - Personal Project

I everyone,

I finally had the time to finish this model.

Scroll down for close-ups.

Hope you guys like it! :grinning:

Octopus_lookDev_turntableRig_v020_2K_0090 Octopus_lookDev_turntableRig_v020_2K_0066
Octopus_lookDev_square01_v020_2K_0001 Octopus_lookDev_square02_v020_2K_0001 Octopus_lookDev_square01_v020_2K_0023 Octopus_lookDev_square02_v020_2K_0023 Octopus_lookDev_square01_v020_2K_0090 Octopus_lookDev_square02_v020_2K_0090 Octopus_lookDev_square01_v020_2K_0066 Octopus_lookDev_square02_v020_2K_0066
Look Dev:



Amazing details Pedro, thank you for sharing.

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beautiful work

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Stunning work, Pedro!

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Thank you DopePope!

Thank you!

Thank you Jaime for your kind workds. My pleasure!

This is superb. I could spend all day looking at the details, the SSS and lighting really brings it to life.

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Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you like it! :grinning:

This is stunning…simply beautiful…would love to see your low poly mesh?

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Thank you very much for your kind words. You can actually check the low poly mesh on my previous thread (sixth image):

I used to have a pet octopus and you have created a very realistic sculpt.
Two points; the opening to the mantle cavity (the large hole behind the eye - sorry, I have no idea as to whether or not you are familiar with the names of an octopus’ anatomical parts) looks a bit solid - I think it needs a lot more SSS to make it look translucent as it is a rather thin structure. The siphon (the tube-like structure that sits inside the opening) is always visible; even from the side - even when it’s collapsed…
The pose of all the tentacles in a curled up position indicates a sick or scared octopus which doesn’t match its colour (when an octopus is sick, it tends to be mostly white; when scared, it can be white or red - red indicates anger which can combine with fear. Octopi are very emotional and sensitive creatures).
All that being said, it’s the best octopus sculpt I have ever seen!

Retired maths/science teacher; Bachelor of Applied Science with Marine Biology.

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Thank you very much for your story and detailed explanation. I have to be honest and admit I took some artist freedom regarding the pose in relation to the color scheme and the same applies to the thickness of the siphon. I really appreciate you took the time to write this comment and I guess you are spot on with your overall explenation. Thank you for your complement too! :grinning:

Great work, @PedroPereira. :ok_hand: May I ask what renderer you’ve used?

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Killing it Pedro …

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No problem at all!
I am learning ZBrush myself (I have always been artistic; airbrushing, oil painting, pencil & pastel drawing; but it all became too painful as I have a nerve/muscle disorder that is degenerative and incurable. Which is why I decided to go digital some 5 -6 years ago.) and I really appreciate all of the advice, tutorials, etc other artists provide for free or at very little cost; this is my way of contributing back.
Some artists don’t like my advice and that’s fine; I seem to have been able to “pick my targets” pretty well as most, like you, have taken it the way it was intended - constructively.
The instant I saw your sculpt, I was reminded of Robinson (my pet octopus); same shape and texture; perhaps a bit lighter than Robinson was at rest, but it looked like the real thing (and I’ve seen many, many octopi in my life).
It’s a pity I can’t upload an image or two of her as all photos were taken back in the days of film and I can’t find them (at least I know where all of my digital photos are!).
Oh, and in case you didn’t know; your octopus is a girl (Males have no suckers for the last third of their third tentacle, counting from the right. It has a groove via which “octo-sperm” travels. He then places that lower third of that tentacle into the female’s mantle cavity for reproduction…).
So now you know all about the birds and the bees and the… octopi… :wink:

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Thank you! I’ve rendered all the images with Arnold 5!

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Thank you very much for your comment!

Thanks again for your comment. Sorry to hear about your condition but at the same time happy for you since you were able to find a medium that still allows you to be creative.

Beautiful work!