Night King - The Fall of Men

Hey folks! Within the universe of Game of Thrones I produced this project where the concept would be the representation of the fall of the north and consequently of men. The White Walkers’ victory would be an alternative ending.
“He was one of the First Men and was changed against his will. It was Folha who placed an obsidian dagger in the man’s heart and created the first of many White Walkers the night king. ” aimed at the collectibles market.

Night King 01


Thats a good one!

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Thanks Bro!

So so awesome!

You’re gonna print this right??

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Thanks Bro! That’s the plan but I don’t have a resin printer :s

Well, don’t postpone this until you get one and get used to the machine.
Resin printers are way more dangerous than regular PLA ones so take your time…

If I were you I’d get this done somewhere near and see it come to life!

Kudos man

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Great job! :+1: :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile: