Newbie - what do I sculpt first?

Hi all,
I’m new to the forums and have a rather simple question for everyone.
I’m very new to 3D sculpting, and I’m not sure where I should start in terms of what to sculpt first.

I don’t want to start with something too hard, 'cause I might burn out, or get frustrated.

What are some simple starting things to sculpt? If this was real clay I’d assume they’d want me to make a vase or a cup.
What are the Sculptris equivalents to a vase or a cup?

Thank you!

Just my opinion, but I’d say just have fun with it to start. It’s all going to be in learning the tools first. While there really isn’t too much to learn, once you get the feel for the tools, it will make anything that you are trying to make afterwards considerably easier.

Pokemons :slight_smile:

Really? That does sound like a simple place to start.
Thanks, I’ll give that a try!