Naughty Dog UGM Extended-UPDATE #3 Frank Tzeng

Yeah I would love to do a video of that sometime soon, specifically for both beards and longer hair… I expect I will release one soon! It might be paid downloadable training material / and/or a DVD.

Also, nice videos Brad! Learned some cool tricks and things in there.

These are great resources. Thanks very much and Happy Christmas all.

Thanks to the ND and zbrush team for putting these together, really appreciate it!

A question with the cloth sculpting for Micheal- In the latter stages of sculpting more fine creases and such you see in the TLoU models, do you still use the same technique or alphas mixed in etc? If alpha do you have any tips on creating those for fine creases?

I’d be interested in a training DVD! My vote would go to a realtime character focusing on the torso(cloth) up- the face sculpting for TLoU is awesome!

Thanks a million… keep them coming…

Glad you like it… Yeah might be doing a training video with gc-academy.net specially for head sculpting, but it’d be a full torso. But hey it’s xmas vacation right now, so just chilling out for a bit :cool:

Anyway, for fine creases it’s basically a continuation with the standard brushes on a smaller scale using the same techniques as on a larger scale… ideally so it doesn’t break the flow or feel to your sculpt.

Hope that helps!

Great information and tutorials, I feel more confident in tackling drapery now! :smiley: thanks for the matcap share it looks great!

Great work guys.

Just wondering Brad how you would translate that gate into an ingame asset as its quite a complicated piece of geometry. I assumed it would be alphad rather than a piece of geometry or a building block peice?

Thanks to team over at Pixologic for hosting us, and working with us to make the videos happen. I had a great time!

@Goobatastic; Regarding in game usage, usually this will get baked to an alpha texture yes. I’ve actually got great results using Z-Remesher on this object for software rendering. Z-Remesher and a little hand optimization will create a nice high LOD as well.


Cheers for the reply Brad

These videos are great! Is there going to be a follow up of the clothing video, taking it further and working on small details?

OMG… that would be awesome, maybe even a DVD Collection of a whole workflow would be amazing ;D
Would buy that one ^^

BTW thanks for the amazing videos!
Looking forward to some more character art videos ;D

Ive downloaded the met cap but its not displaying properly, for some reason mine is really dark but it worked the first time I used it?

its also displaying properly in the preview window but not on the mesh

That was extremely useful!! Thanks a lot for uploading it =)

Really good videos. Thanks Dogs!

The video on layer and skin detailing is very interesting but it’s hard to see the details due to the compression of the video.

Loved all videos, it is incredible how we can learn in a few minutes videos from pros.

Thank you very much for sharing.

I will just start a new models using layers, it is unbelivable useful.

Thanks Naughty Dogs, all the videos are excellent resource…

It’s so awesome that you all teach us soo much with these great videos !!

Thank you very much .

What a great collection of videos - my thanks to all involved.

:+1: Thank you***65281;