My recent private work

Demon and the Frog
Hi everyone!
It’s been a long time since I posted something in zbrush. I feel that I’ve been lazy with my own work for too long. So I plan to create something and post it regularly so I hope It will motivate me to work on my own stuff and get better every time I create something!
There are so many talented people!!! :o

I hope you enjoy!

I used Zbrush for sculpt and polypaint and I edited images in Photoshop.

Cowboy Designed by Dan Fiore
I also used Zbrush for sculpt and polypaint and I used Photoshop for the texture and the final image.








These look freaking great! I like the Gargoyle the most.

I really like the demon, Amazing. I find interesting his double hands too The only thing i don’t like is the frog , or better , it’s very well done but for an image like that i would like to see a more dramatic scene maybe some nude woman captured by that infernal creature if you know what i mean - simply my personal taste at the end it’s a very cool artwork nothing to say Congratulations and keep on posting! :+1:

COOL! I especially like the first image.Nice dramatic angle. Hope you do find time to post more of your personal work.

Like said before, the bat looks great but the frog could have more attention.

The bat demon is amazing. Excellent work.

The bat demon obviously prefers frogs to nude women for dinner. :lol:

ahahah i didnt think about dinner… :smiley:

shame on you for insinuating that the demon is a homohpile.

Thanks guys for comments! :slight_smile: