My beta testing doodles

You can find some of them here
As I also used zb heavily sometimes. We were testing GoZ after all.

A sc render here




And some more doodles. Doodles always,

this testing sculptris and 3dcoat, dropped to voxels (hi density) and rendered there. Added some hardsurf background.








Beautiful! Thanks for posting :sunglasses: :+1:

thank you Etcher.
Just having the feeling that I’m disappearing, a huge eraser deletes me. As a human, an artist or anything else.

Hello dear Michalis,
thank you very much for the news about quasi retropo…!When I have some time I am sure I will appreciate a lot your very important suggestion…See you around…And compliments for your digital “classical"sculptures”!

thanks Francesco.
And mostly thanks to the person that rated my work with 1*.
Erasers… :wink:

Of course 5 stars for you!

Always full of ideas checking out your works! :+1:

thank you both of you
@ solidsnake
waiting for your beta posts. Better in main zb forum and a link here IMO.

Ah, you were so eager to post those, and finally sculptris is out. Will you post them on blanerNation?

I won’t continue this masochistic obsession, why should I post them to blenderartists? Who cares anyway? Except me and a few friends?

Another fast, this morning. Scultris only testing the hidden smooth algorithm of zb (shift, release shift when stroking, what a terrible UI)


I don’t understand that.
If I press shift in zBrush it is smoothing. Doesn’t matter if I keep it pressed or release it.
Old sculptris navigation is keep shift pressed as long as you want to smooth.
So you can draw and smooth with one stroke without releasing it.

Both fine for me.

Is this different in sculptris alpha 6 zb navigation?

Too good… The blender cycle rendering is quite realistic.

Thanks you Knacki, simpo

releasing the shift key when stroking releases a different smoothing algorithm hidden in zbrush. It smooths differently. To understand this, just subdivide the tri sculptris mesh in zbrush. It subdivides turning everything to quads. This means a mesh full of ‘star like’ artifacts. Now try to smooth this. The hidden function is the appropriate one. Why pixo doesn’t provided this as a brush, I don’t know.
many thanks to ‘half life’ user for this. Here

Thank you!

Wow thanks for sharing, I’m learning blender right now, to jump out from max :slight_smile: i can see how a piece of software can be driven to results like yours with experience.

Great work!

Archaic like head, no reference for this one. I was just trying to figure out why ancient greek sculpture is so stylistic. I think they had in mind casted shadows under a bright sun.
Sculptris, a little zbrushing (subdivided, smoothed and painted) BPR (I turned on the smoothing render option)


Fast 1/2 hour sculptrissing this morning, lol
Zb for BPR only, 2 passes, enabling the render smoothing parameters. Ps for dof-vignette-overlay.


More doodles, more nonsenses.
Lot of fun anyway.

this, after a tut about zbrush and ornaments. I just reconstructed it in blender, took 10 min, but I have a perfect topology and UVs. Ridiculous head - the missing link- in sculptris. BPR