My 3d Prints

I wanted to start a new thread for my 3d printed stuff, and I’m aiming to update it whenever I get prints made. It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever to be able to make something in the computer and then bring it into the real world, and I want to share this with everyone!

This is my first 3d print, done by the amazing folks at Ownage. The original concept was something I saw here awhile ago by Matthew Tardiff. I thought it was cool and just wanted to do a speed sculpt of it, took about a day. It was also tiny and ready for 3d printing, so I figured I would test out the whole process on it first. I later did a quick texture job on it just to close the books on it. Anyways, here it is! The larger one is 3" long and the smaller one is only 1", yet has pretty much the same detail.







Here’s the next print I’ve gotten done in my 3d printing kick. I hope to have some original works printed and for sale soon, for now I’m just testing for quality purposes. It’s an alien/monster creature from the upcoming video game Evolve. Original concept by Stephen Oakley, print by the always awesome Ownage guys. The big one is around 8" tall, and the little one is about 2.5". Thanks for looking, more on the way!




Great sculpts! What 3D printer are you using? Or service? They turned out really nice. Looks like you got a new drug, print, print, print!

Thanks! Ya I am totally addicted to getting things printed now haha. I am going to invest in my own printer soon, but for now I have been using Ownage for the prints. I’m not exactly sure what printer they use, I know they have a few different ones, the thread by Desmoda on this site could have more answers though.

NIIIIIICE!! He came out great! Very nice 3d print!

Like your vibe-:smiley: All your prints (art) looks very cool. Listen, can you tell us what Ownage charged you for the 8" print? As all they have on (and have had) on their site is basically an email contact and no more. I know that each project is tackled a little different and no EXACT quote can ever be given, but, if you can give us an idea, it can help the rest of us in how much to save up for a 3D print-:wink:

Thanks Dragon! I know it can seem weird how Ownage has no real site, but you can be sure the quality of the prints is pretty great, and that the prices are reasonable for the market.
The 8" one cost about $750 (it is rather bulky for the size), so it’s not cheap, but it seemed decent for the quality you can expect from them. They come perfectly ready to cast and make kits out of since the cuts and pegs are all in specific places,
which I like a lot since I’m experimenting with making molds. Hope this helped! If anybody has any questions feel free to post them here.

Hi SpaceMonkeydr. Thanks a million for getting back with me on that. Yes, that actually is not bad at all (I have seen quotes of 1k or more for the same size). On another note, will keep an eye on ya. Like what you have going on here. Best.

No prob. It’s also a pretty bulky character to print, so I’m sure a more normal sized character would be less than that even.

Hey man you did such justice to the concept! Stoked someone made it :wink: How do i get one :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotcha. Keep em coming-:wink:

Been super busy lately, but here is a 12" print of Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones I had done more recently. It takes awhile to get these done nowadays, but I plan to keep posting as I get them completed, cheers!