Multi uvs normalmapping

I plan to make a raltime charcater.
I would like to sculpt the model in one block, but I would like to have 2 uvs sets, one for the body, one for the head.
is it possible?

(If I’m not wrong)

If you work with Polygroups and Multidisplacement?


I didnt tryed polygpurps… Do you know how to use multi uvs meshs?

I plan to generate multinormalmaps… is there a way?

ZTimeLapseImage.jpg I make an exercise right now:
with zsphere I made a head model with 5 groups: nose,mouth,ears,eyes and rest of the head,make subdivisiones, reworked,etc…then go back to level 1 and select each subgroup (nose…) and for that polygroup you can obtain the specific normal map. In the normal map filled in the canvas is easy to see that was constructed to that mesh part you have subselected.
This is what you mean: One block model plus different polygroups ergo normalmap parts?

the other aspect is related to displacement map, you can do it more or less in that way: subselecting each mesh area from the whole block, make a clone of that part and obtain the displacement map for that region, also using the multidisplacement plugin zscript that is in the utilities, upper right corner.
Excuse me if im out of focus in your question

these are the normal maps per partial mesh and the multidisplacement for the whole model







hmmm! Script example please?

But does your uvs overlapping?

I plan to use all the uv area for the body, then, on another uvs channel, use all the uvs surface for the face, and generate 2 differente normalmaps that use the entire surface.
Thhe question is : does sb2 support overlapping multi uv sets…

Thanks for your help guys!

i made a try, it seems to faill…

andreseloy, how do you generate partial normalmap?

Hi Sebcesoir and Giantsun
I am sending the time lapse from another exercise and also the zscript, very short but there is clearly what i made to generate tne normal map areas.
As i say from the first excuse me if that is not your pont but here is
Andreseloynormal map areas.jpg

uvs.jpg I make a test exporting the areas, eyes, for example to UVMap Pro to see the model, the planar map and also the UVS.
There is an example

Its good!

But the problem is you dont have overlapping uvs sets…

why you need then overlapping? excuse my ignorance
or better can you show an image of what you want in ZB?

Here’s what I recommend:

In your UV editor, create the head in one UV space and the body in another. For example, the head could occupy coordinates 0,0 to 1.1 (a single full UV space) and the body could occupy 1,0 to 2,1 (another full UV space).

In ZBrush, import the model and press Tool>Polygroups>Uv Groups. This will look at the UV spaces in your model and assign each to its own group. In your example, the head will be one group and the body another.

Now do your high resolution modeling. When finished, return to level 1 and Ctrl+Shift+Click on the head. The rest of the model will be immediately hidden because it belongs to a different group. Create your normal map.

Ctrl+Shift+Drag a small rectangle somewhere on the empty part of the canvas. The mesh will reverse visibility so that the body is shown. Create your second normal map.

No, overlapping is not supported. But you can distribute your UVs to different UV spaces. The procedure is the same for using multiple displacement maps and it is discribed in a thread on CG Talk entitled “Making of Lord of Darkness”.
I’m sure you can still find it there.


Thanks Andreseloy. :+1: