Ms01 (I-P-A)

I really dig the design and your modeling work is crisp and clean. Very, very well done.

I look forward to see what you end up with that one. It will rock!



Hi/ salut thx
So , I return to my project MS01 that I already launch previously, and I continued with the back of the Robot, I did not touch much, and it misses a lot of adjustments, so for an updated here is a one …


CA01 (39).jpg

hello; thx :wink:

  • Also with the CA01 (Cyclops android Num 01) and in this time I focused on refining a few parts including the backs of the machine, and also I attack the arms, and as you have seen there is a cartoon effect in my last image. A very nice effect that I like, under :wink: Vray.

I’m waiting for your opinion, it just a test .I’ll try to make an animation with this type of rendering (a very modest machine!!).

And also for a still image, I would like to make a more realistic job with other types of materials and rendering ……….the project continues … always nchallah …

CA01 (41) M.jpgCA01 (42)M.jpgCA01 (43)M.jpg

hell yeah, this is looking fantastic! can’t wait to see the finished product!

looking good so far, and the old works are really good :smiley:

That´s some solid modeling skills you have there :cool: Keep up the good work, will be interesting to see this one finished.


This is REALLY looking great. Outstanding hard surface work.


well, what can a beginner say - or even give any advise - your models are near to perfection and I guess it’s only personal taste if one or another would change anything.
So speaking only for myself - I really dig the colorscheme - the clean shapes - not too sharp - believable functions.
Me too - loves the render in a cartoony style but ofcourse it would be exciting to see this pushed in a more realistic environment.

So as you can tell - it looks perfect to me and I wouldn’t change a thing - and I’m looking forward to the next images!

That is pretty beast man!

‘They’ say that we have a twin roaming around this great big earth somewhere… I think I found mine (see qoute above):smiley:

Looking killer cant wait to see the final

Cool style and amazing work!:wink: You use Zbrush for concept? and after start modeled in 3ds max new geometry?


This is simply amazing. Great job.


This is going to be GREAT! The color choices, the shapes, and the render all look WONDERFUL. Congrats on your future top row!

Looks awesome! I love the hard surface organic look.

:stuck_out_tongue: waw thx all …I hope I’ll finish it

I usually work with ZB and 3Ds same time. For example, I start in the ZB DynaMesh very nice for this type of modeling, then I remake my retopology always ZB and then I refines in 3Ds,
And sometimes I start in 3Ds for the major features of my model template , and then I switch to design these last in ZB


ca01 H3.jpgca01 H2.jpgthank you very much
here’s a little update, the work continues, the hand and foot stuff


ca01 H1.jpg