Model sharing

Great models Skias. Thanks for sharing those.

This is a variation on my baseman mesh to work with Sculptris.
Attached is the zip.SeanJM_Baseman_1.0.zip (34.2 KB)

Awesome models, guys. Thank you!

so nice models here, guys !
many thanks to everyone …

<!--[attach=215746]man1.jpg[/attach]--> [Download the model](http://www.speedshare.org/download.php?id=7FFA83BC11) (sorry,... the file was bigger than 500 kb, so I had to use a free host to upload ...) ![man1.jpg|800x559](upload://2s3dj0Qr5oRPi82oTRespPhHUbO.jpeg)

Nice one Nemo!

Let’s see if this works. In order to download my model you will need to use WinRAR or 7Zip(free). It’s split into 3 files with WinRAR.
A preview: []Sculptris 2010-09-10 00-27-17-28.jpg

This is my first completed model. Enjoy guys.

edit: Ah hell. Didn’t work. The forums don’t allow RAR files. This is ridiculous. You can do the same amount of damage with a Zip file as you can a RAR.Sculptris 2010-09-10 00-27-17-28.jpg

If any one wants a obj car file to use. I will try to upload it for any one to have.Car.JPG

Alright here is the obj car file for any one to use.Car2.zip (23.3 KB)

Nice Heist :slight_smile:

Nice but isn’t this a Blender file?

It’s not a blender file. Maya file turn OBJ file.

Hm, it looks good but actually, this thread is about Sculptris models…

You can import OBJ files into Sculptris, would this not work correctly?

just import the obj model into the program.

That’s what I figured. Thought I might be missing something though.

Here is a plane I made. It’s rocky, flat on the edges to make it look cleaner. It’s by no means a masterpiece but it may be a useful prop plane for someones models.FC-Rocky Plane 01.zip (424 KB)


Here’s another one. I’m just messing around with planes lately. Maybe someone will get some use out of one of these. This one has 2 spots flattened out for a models feet. These planes are by no means complete solutions, but they’re good for adding a basic plane that looks better than the default one.FC-Rocky Plane 02.zip (345 KB)


Here’s the beginnings of a room with a floor plane that has some depth to it. Nothing special here, just a good place to start.FC-Room 01.zip (199 KB)Sculptris 2010-09-22 16-10-50-85.jpg


Sculptris 2010-09-22 16-10-50-85.jpg

Scene file of my entry for Challenge 2 …
Feel free to use it for lighting tests and …

Download Here



An early version of the Baron Harkonnen Head