Model sharing

I think we need a thread to share our stuff just like in the old forum. So if anyone wants a horse to play with, here it is. Have fun!

Horse app. 6 MB


That’s a great model! I’m certainly gonna download it. Why is there’s so little response to this thread?:confused: I’m baffled. Thanks again.:+1:

No idea, maybe it got overlooked in the flood of awesome creativity. I love how everybody does unique and creative things. :slight_smile:

Glad you like the horse!

I hope this site gets bigger.
I also hope to contribute to this site as well.
But my first try in Scultris is something that everyone sees here a lot, so I felt no one would be interested in a demon head, realive simple and quick base model.

Thank you for sharing your lovely horse, Teria!

Teria, where have you gone? I think this thread needs reviving.

I agree. Out of all the things shareable(materials, textures, etc), models would be an amazing resource.
Whether people think they are good/useful or not, post them up. Someone might be able to improve what you think is unworthy.
I’ll be posting some here soon.

Revive it, then. :smiley:

I’m still here but I got sucked in (again) by World of Warcraft, so I didn’t get to sculpt much. Still meandering through all these threads, though. Awesome stuff, all of you! :+1:

Thanks for the horse. Looks good.
I’ll contribute a stylized female base mesh. The proportions are not heroic, but rather based on my style of drawing.

female_stylizedBaseMesh.zip (179 KB)![female_StylizedBaseMeshWireframe.jpg|1100x962](upload://8hJangdF6czoRttMIx1oH1g757c.jpeg)



Great to see you on the Forum again ,Teria. WoW!:roll_eyes: Tell me about it. I got addicted a year or two ago, couldn’t sleep, spent hours grinding with my Mage. Started to feel unwell. :lol: Thankfully, I managed to kick the habit and won’t be going back there again.

Ich danke dich sehr fiel…my spelling is proabably bad seeing as I don’t use german much in the US…:lol:


Thanks for the model Whale :smiley:

You’re welcome. I’m happy to share.
I’m just getting in to sculpting, and it’s nice to have a community to come into.

wanted to share this old tree with you

and here is the Sculptris file:

I would like to share my Brother model with everyone, but unfortunately we can only upload 500KB files. I would use a public upload site, but they’re all blocked on this network. Guess I’ll have to wait until I have personal internet again.

Hi fatherchristmas, had the same problem, cause my tree scene was to big and I uploaded on rapidshare and this seems to work, so maybe this is an idea for you too:D

I think you only skimmed through my post. I said I can’t use any public upload sites. They’re all blocked here at work.

ooops oh sorry yep you are right, I missunderstood:D

Hello everybody :wink:
nice idea to share some models
I would like to share a few models with you, too

Here are the links to the 3 models

They are all unfinished because I don’t have a lot of time to play with
Sculptris :cry: :cry: