Minerva Sculpt WIP

Hi all,

I saw the new zbrush central update and wanted to test it out with some of my latest stuff. This is a WIP based off @Just_Shep_ 's original character minerva on twitter. I’m thinking about doing a test 3D print as well once she’s finished though just for my own practice not to sell or anything. Hope you like her.

Hello! I recently downloaded a 3D model which I’d like to 3D print, but it turns out that there is no .STL or .OBJ for it. Mobdro

I’ve been provided with two download links, one of them is model.stl.ZTL which seems like a failed attempt at saving it as STL.

I will be incredibly thankful if one of you is nice enough to convert the file to .STL or .OBJ since I don’t have the kind of money to buy the Zbrush software https://sarkariresult.onl/

Have you contacted the author of the 3d model to see if he/she can convert it for you?
The ZTL file is a zbrush file that loads a zbrush tool of the model.