Mike Andrew Nash - Vested Series - Police


How? I mean, how? it’s all dynamesh but so clean. Hope you will make a tut one day.
Great work as always.
thanks for sharing.

Very cool stuff.:+1:

unbelievably believable! Love it!

Such an inspiration Mike, holly smokes ! Top Row worthy for sure. Holly **** I feel week in the knees.

Keep killing it dude !

Thanks again guys for all the kind comments, are really appreciated

3duserman - The texturing was mainly done inside photoshop, I rendered cloth pass and metal pass and just hand painted all the texture work along with some dirt overlays.

Infinite - Long time no chat! Hows everything been?

sleepyhead - Its just a lot of hard work and a good eye if your working with dynamesh, no tricks really to it.


Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate you taking the time to help out someone new to Zbrush, much appreciated.

Did you render the passes in Keyshot or some other program, the sunlight rig looks very impressive!

If you ever do a tutorial/breakdown of the modelling process on this guy (don’t suppose you recorded it did you?) i’d definitely be up for paying money for this kind of information. Do you have a gumroad? I can imagine lots of others would be more than happy to part with their cash too! :wink:


Your work is simply incredible! Have always been a fan of your work! The details in your designs are very inspiring.

Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the info, REALLY helped speed up my workflow!

I was trying to learn things via ‘proper’ geometry etc and now I can get things from concept to completion really fast!

The below is my first Zbrush sculpt, tried a little hard surface idea and managed to get it from a sketch to the final image in 40 mins! (know that is probably forever on these forums but am only starting!) So thanks very much your advice really helped! :wink:

When I get the primer and safety lever thing done will upload another one… Anyway just wanted to say thanks again! If you ever do get a tutorial up (even if it’s a screen record) tell me where to sign up :wink:


Hello Mike Andrew Nash, been trying to find ways to reach out to you for work but all your emails are bouncing. Please contact me at wenhao at cum.md if you do see this. =) Thank you!

Your work is MINDBLOWING =D

Super Nice, I hope to model that good one day as well! Exelent!