Metis, The Pale Matriarch

Hi everyone! On this project I tried to create my own full body character! Designing this character was really a challenge, so I relied on Horizon Zero Dawn concepts and Ladakhi clothing, plus a bunch of other references, to come up with my own design.
The head and it’s details were hand-sculpted and painted on zbrush HDGeo, Kris Costa’s style! (I still recommend his course A LOT!). Hands were sculpted and had details projected on them. Most of the textures were created inside hypershade, using procedural masks. I could tweak this project forever, but I think now it’s time to move on and study other stuff! No post-production, this is straight out of render engine.
A little bit of backstory to her:
Metis is a Matriarch, acting as a primary form of government for her tribe, in both political and religious matters. Due to her responsibility, she is a serious person with a good repute. Metis can be severe sometimes (especially to outsiders) but, most of the time, when facing issues within her tribe, she is benevolent and kind. She also gives a lot of side quests and makes good rain cookies.
I hope you guys like it!

Amazing !!

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and this is great artist Roger , really tallented bro
i saw your works . very vey cool
all the best…


Thank you!

Thank you Vahidah! Love your work too!