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I was thinking it would be pretty useful to upload any materials you’ve done that you may want to share. Here are some jpegs that I’ve done while experimenting, you are free to download them and put them in the materials folder of your Sculptris. Despite being smallish jpegs they seem to work just fine.
NB. You really get the best effect when you use textures on these materials.Wood.jpg

Here are examples of some of the materials on the default Sculptris head.Materials Example.jpg

More MaterialsWaxy.jpgTerracotta Light.jpgTerracotta Dark.jpgCrystal Ice Monochrome Glow.jpg

some moreLeather.jpgCeramic Blue.jpgDull Reflection Blue.jpgDull Reflection Grey.jpgPlastic Gold.jpgPlastic Red.jpg

And still they come…Crystal Ice blue.jpgCrystal Ice Coloured.jpgStone.jpg

Here are some more materials coming shortlyMaterials Example 2.jpg

Very cool, thanks! Leather.jpg seems to be a default grey but the others look very good. :wink:

There’s a whole bunch of other materials I’ve posted but due to the huge monitoring delay on this forum I don’t know if they were uploaded successfully yet…:confused:

I’m hoping that others will add their contribution to this thread.

More Examples:
remember, they often benefit from adding textures.More Material Examples.jpg

Where/how I can download these materials? I onlu see .jpeg pictures.

Mikko321, simply download the Jpeg images of spheres and place them in the materials folder of Sculptris. If you are already running Sculptris, you need to press the update button to see them in your materials.

Jpegs work OK in Sculptris. It’s not the best way of adding material to your sculps - you’d probably need a different 3D app for that, Blender for example - but the jpegs do give you a feel for how your work could look, and can inspire ideas.

I’ve uploaded lots of different materials but they have yet to appear. I may have to try again which might mean duplicate posts. The massive delay in posts appearing is a real pain!

Thanks a lot for those materials, I am trying them out already :slight_smile:

I have played around with outlines and got some nice ones which I’d like to share.

Hm… why can’t I upload a png file?

Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3materials01.jpgArgon05.jpg


The following files is created for ZBrush.
Please to use Sculptris, IrfanView, etc. in the graphics program [Save As] to use.

Download: POV-Ray Texture (9.82 MB)

Download: Toon Texture (1.90 MB)

Download: Toon Texture 2 (2.53 MB)


Ancomic, the toon files are all psd which Sculptris doesn’t accept as material files. You need jpg or png files for the material library.

And I don’t know if it’s connected but after downloading these files, my Sculptris crashed and won’t open anymore even after I reinstalled it. :cry:

edit: Fixed it. Maybe the mat library became too big.

My posts have been so delayed and broken up that I thought I’d better upload the entire Materials Samples (thus far) again. Then I’ll be uploading the rest of the materials jpegs for download.Materials Sample Jpeg.jpg

Here are more materials. Simply download the images of spheres and place them in the materials folder of Sculptris.Wood 2.jpgWood 3.jpgWood Gnarled.jpg

more…Wood Polished.jpgSteel Rough Shiny.jpgSteel Contrast.jpgSteel Dull.jpg

and moreGold.jpgBrass.jpgPlaster.jpgPlaster Smooth.jpgPlaster Textured.jpg

and moreWaxy.jpgWax 2.jpgPearlescent.jpgJade.jpgCeramic Blue.jpg

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