Material lost when opening sc1 file on Windows made by Mac.

Now I have a problem on sculptris alpha6.
I got a model data including several materials from a Mac sculptris alpha6 user.
But, when I open the file on Windows sculptris alpha6, there are only wireframes and all materials are compleately missing.
It seem that, entire material data is missing. Nothing will appear choosing material2, material3 and so on…
(I have checked the materials no problem on Mac.)

Do anyone ran into same problem?
Is there solution?

Plesase help me!

Same thing happens with two PCs that don’t have the same material files OR they have not the same name. A model’s material data is stored by name and direction: “this thing uses this nice, shinny matcap that I assume it’s locate there in the proper Material folder within the Sculptris root folder”.

In just the model, or for Sculptris it’s self? For the later this is a Graphics card issue, Sculptris will open into Paint mode with no Material selection visible and a plain grey shaded material. You need an ATI or Nvidia card for materials, the stock Intels won’t do it, some won’t even start Sculptris. For this issue you can try changing your Graphics settings from the Right-click Monitor menu. You can also try enabling Shaders in the .cfg file in your Sculptris install folder. Open it with Notepad and change from 0 to 1.

Thank you for your kind reply >Serek, justadeletedguy

It is the data. I can edit and see multiple materials on Windows no ploblem.
But, all material data would be lost when openning sc1 file created by Mac.
MATMAP (material mapping data) are lost too.

Serek wrote: ‘proper Material folder within the Sculptris root folder’
I’m sure that both Win and Mac sculptris are installed in default folder.
Indeed, the default folder location and name are different between Win and Mac.
(ex. Mac \application\sculptris Alpha 6 <-> Win \Program Files\pixologic\Sculptris Alpha 6)
is this differnce affects this material problem?

Can anyone open multiple material sc1 data with Win sculptris, which was created by Mac?

There’s always the solution to export as obj and import again. Assign any material you like.

If it’s the model I’m sorry to say your SOL! … Unlike any other 3d program, Sculptris uses a hidden image file mapped to the UV’s to define the material. Most softwares use the topology (wireframe) to define material, using edges and edge-loops for boundaries, Sculptris does not. You’ll have to edit the materials manually.
The problem is probably not the material name, but the path to ( C:\bla\bla\bla.bla) as different OS’s recognize hard drives differently… if your a serious hacker there might be a re-install solution, but otherwise no …