Mask not working?

I’m trying to brush over my clay with a mask, but it’s not working: the black paint that the mask uses isn’t showing up and I’m still able to move the area.

it’s gotta be a setting of yours … not the program. The mask feature is part of what makes Sculptris Great! I can tell you that in Sculpt mode, masking works of the wire frame (like Vertex Painting) but in Paint Mode it works off the UV’s … I know some have just run into trouble with too many polygons … this really depends on your Computer and Graphics card and how much RAM, but it you can Lock it up with too many Polygons! …

I figured it out, and I’ll post it in case anyone else needs it C:

The controls are different on the mac; you need to hold down the command button to use the mask.

Hi system. I’m having the issue. I have a Mac and using my Huion Tablet…I’m holding down Control but it’s really not working…is it in my settings??? I’m also trying to hold down Command(like you said) and nothing. Is it a big or can I fix it??