\\\\\\\Development of MALIKEENA//////////////////

Skull Study

Head Bust Study




eye testing


wip 02 Aneta skin testing , no make up yet

very nice love those eyes ,how do you make them shine like that.

Thanks Fonty, Its 3 pieces , The Lens, The scleara/Iris, and then the pupil. I give the scleara/iris a skinshader, and the lens which is the wet layer around the scleara AND the cornea for the refraction of the iris. I just apply a VryMTL to the lens and make it highly reflective with Fresnel reflection.

ok cool thanks for the info mate greta job thanks again

also whats a vrymtl lol,im pretty new to all of this 3d modeling lark :smiley:

V-Ray material. V-Ray is a render Engine.

o ok many thanks mate

Nice Model man. But I think your eye proportion is wrong. The Iris should be bigger since it’s 1/3 of an eye diameter.




Thanks for the tips guys! Here is some more Prog . Aneta


great model, resemlance to Kate from England, needs a bit more hair then…

Thanks! Im going to touch up the hair in some places!

Hey guys , Just wanted to show my progress on my new project! I am working on a self portrait, and I have gone through the first stage of sketching it out! Just a Sketch! I plan on going back and fixing details and cleaning stuff up.


Clay Render of Sketch


Props on the studies and render! They came out really good.

Thanks Takai ! More to come!

Doing a better Eye Study, more realistic


Tutorial please !! looks awesome !! keep it up

Ofcourse , I’ll have a tutorial up very soon on realistic eyes!

Here is a close up Eye study I did, Very challenging!


that eye is looking phenomenal and the skin texture is well done. awesome job

Fantastic eye love it well done