Make Human and Sculptris

Has anyone done any interesting work in Sculptris with .obj imported from Make Human? They seem ideal for one another.

I haven’t really done anything interesting, but I have imported MH models into sculptris just to test. Works fine, just bring the obj into your fav 3d app, delete unwanted geometry, triple (convert to tris), and save out to import in Sculptris… Maybe I’ll do something worth posting here in that regard, but it’s so much fun just starting from sphere or a low-poly mesh, that I get addicted to whatever I’m working on atm, lol. :+1:

Hey, thanks for the reply! :smiley: Yeah, Sculptris really is addictive isn’t it. I haven’t used a third party 3d ap, I just imported a MH figure directly into Sculptris and it worked fine. It’s an ideal way to have a default figures to modify, you can really have fun bulking them up or warping them into weird and wonderful shapes that MH can’t do.

I thought I’d post the Make Human Link in case some people are not familiar with their project. Check it out and maybe download and have a play around with it.