Maham Berry sketches, WIPs, etc

Hi everyone
here’s something based on Michelangelo’s Madonna and child



wow ! Awesome sculpt. i really like this style. Good job:+1:

Awesome sculpt


Awesome sculpt!

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Don’t suppose you’d have a timelapse hidden away somewhere? Would love to see how you managed those wonderful folds. I imagine pulling a whole composition like this from a ball of dynameshed clay can’t have been easy. Awesome skills!

marvellous work, ,beats a 3d scan anyday

farhadnojumi : thank you Farhad :smiley:
vichar : thank you :slight_smile:

Ehren : thanks , im a fan of your works , they are awesome
FabioPaiva : thanks a lot , i love ur works :slight_smile:
nagulov : thanks , im sorry , i usually save my works by save tool button and it doesn’t save the timelapse :cry:
RobertRamsay : thanks

here’s something that i made recently . all of it was done in zbrush . no basemesh was used i started with a sphere . rendered in Vray .



Wow. He looks great. What a character.

Great job on this! Really nice work! :+1:

cheghad asabani :smiley:
Very Impressive, I like the details.

vlad74 : thanks :slight_smile:
Webhead : thank you :slight_smile:
farhadnojumi : merci Farhad :slight_smile:

VERY cool work!

WOW Awesome stuff man !!

great sculpt how is the topology is it animatable

selwy : thank you very much , im a huge fan of your art
Gurjeet Singh : thank you so much
CMobley : thanks , actually i didnt pay so much attention to the topology for this one because i knew i wasn’t going to animate it , just it had to be good enough for displacement

Hi… Really awesome…,:D:D,…the renders are sooo cool…

sizz :thank you


Woah that’s so nice , i really wanna render the dragon looking beast for you and do the composite as well if you’re interested send me a notification , keep up the good work :+1: