MaCrea - Material Creation Tool


MaCrea is a little material creation tool I wrote for use with Sculptris, while it simply creates material sphere images that can be used with Zbrush or any other App that takes advantage of that idea.

Here’s a little introduction video…

And a toon- or celshading example…

It’s a free little tool I’m still developing right now, but you should be able to have some productive fun with it already. If you have any questions AFTER watching the video and playing around with it for a moment, please, feel free to ask away! :wink:macrea010_snapshot.jpg

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Great stuff! Thanks!!!

That looks brilliant Taron!
I just started playing but I already like the intuitive GUI-Controls.
Thanks a lot for your generous sharing!

Thanks guys! I guess at this point it’s still managable with the amount of parameters. I’ll try to keep it that way, but I already have some ideas for making it a bit more visual. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve just noticed that appearantly only Zbrush doesn’t like the png format I’m saving and I have no idea, yet, what it wants. I’d respectfully ask pixologic to consider a more complete implementation of the png format, at least in regards to loading, but in the meantime you’ll have to run your material images through photoshop or some other app for converting them into jpg, tiff or what ever else Zbrush loads as textures. It caught me really be surprise, too. :confused:

Sculptris, FrameCycler, Photoshop, AfterFX and even messiah:Studio have no troubles loading them and those are only the Apps I’ve tested with them. Just as a little reassurance that the png format I’m saving is really ordinary.

Again, thanks for the quick response already and I’m happy about every bit of feedback! :smiley:

fast and intuitive, thank you.

UPDATED to version 0.10b

Just download the above again and you’ll be able to load and save Jpegs as well! :smiley:

I had no idea it would be so easy for me to implement jpeg, but thanks to the brilliant little platform I’m using (BlitzMax), it was a piece of cake. Just don’t ask for any other format, hahahaha, then I’d have to write all that stuff in detail myself. :grimacing: :lol:

Thanks, Ashley and you’re very welcome, of course! :slight_smile:

That was fast, LOL! Thanks a bunch, love it!

Lovin’ MaCrea … I just made “Marvel comic book color kinda” material (render from Sculptris, no photshop) :

Thanks again Taron :wink:


Thanks. This is jut what i need.

This is an awesome program Taron! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: nice work, really helps breath life into Sculptris’s Mat Paint system and it’s great just to sculpt in your own “environment”.

Woah! excellent sculpt there darko! Love all the detail around the eyes.

UH! That looks fantastic, darko! Thanks for the beautiful show-off there! :smiley:
Now you’re making me really giddy to see what people will do with MaCrea.

Thanks, F I L! It’s really great fun to just quickly make a little material. But the best part is the ability to make a set of materials that are within the same lighting so you can make very complex looking material variations in a believable way. :slight_smile:
That’s why I’m also so eager to make a better reflection image diffusion and consistent material properties that go even further. I’ll need some more time for what I’m after, but this is already great fun, I think…

Five stars from me bud thank you Taron for a great app.

So Grande - THX a lot :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Taron what am i doing wrong?
i open it on my laptop and its distorted and im unable to use it as in the screen shot.:frowning:
Im running Vista is there any compatibility probs?


Thanks yoogy & sculptrisnewb!

MaCrea needs openGL 2.0 or higher and a gfx board that can handle GLSL shaders. Many laptops use Intel Mobile gfx boards and they can’t do too much in openGL to begin with. I’m pretty sure that’s the problem you’re having. Vista or win7 shouldn’t be any trouble at all, at least when it comes to MaCrea, hehe.
I’m still thinking about making a software rendering version, but that’ll be considerably slower and some more work for me, of course, while I’d like to focus on some more innovations in the meantime. Until then I need you to depend on a good and fresher gfxboard and forgive me for using younger opportunities.

*caution - really, really geeky paragraph…
I can recommend Nvidia cards, as that brand is really the most supportive when it comes to GLSL shaders and I haven’t yet had any troubles with them. ATi works, too, but it’s been my greatest pain to make them work. They are like a teacher with a giant ruler in his hand and if you dare ignore the exact demands…“YAOOUCHHH, ah…aah.ah…yes, yes, I shall not ask an INT if it’s true or not, yes, yes…only bool, only bool.” Nvidia might here and their fraun at what you’re trying to do but then goes: “AHHH, I gotcha, yeah, that looks cool, we can make it happen, sure. You want to alter INSIDE your shader a variable that’s supposed to tell the shader what to do from the OUTSIDE, hmmmmyeah…that’s very cool, I know whatcha want, don’t sweat it.” And so it does work, while that’s an idiotic mistake to most, Nvidia forgives you and deals with it as if there was no issue. Awesome, but also a bad way to raise programmers.

Many thanks Taron.
really wonderful and handy tool …

Thanks, CaptainNemo! :smiley:

Version 0.11 is released!

Keyboard shortcuts on the viewport have slightly changed:

holding down ALT and RMB (right mouse button) controls subsurface extension.
holding down ALT and LMB controls trackball style

hold down SHIFT to effect all lights while doing any adjustments on the viewport.
For example:

Shift + LMB move all lights along x/y coordinates
Shift + MMB move all lights along z coordinates
Shift + Alt + LMB rotate all lights around sphere
Shift + Alt + MMB adjust distance of all lights to sphere

Shift + CTRL adjust all lights specularity (when independent “i” on)
Shift + Alt adjust all lights subsurface extension (when independent “i” on)
Shift + Tab adjust all lights brightness bias

That should cover it.

Thank you Taron, you’re awesome!

i use this program all the time.

so cool Taron, and I am learning now how to use it, by now just playing around a bit…smile

Ah you’re all making me very happy! :smiley:

Here’s a little material test sculpture I’m doing right now. I still want to make a bump map, but- anyway- all materials (4 of them) are made with MaCrea and that silver sphere. It’s really great fun for me, I have to say, and I sincerely hope you’re making similar experiences with it. Seems like I’m discovering the full powers of my own little app more and more as I’m actually using it more seriously. It’s still and probably always will be fun and games, but then…who knows. :slight_smile:

Before I forget: This is a “Save Image” straight out of Sculptris with a little FOG and DOF.