Luis Gomez-Guzman Sketchbook

beautiful works man. No words, absolutelly beautiful

Really great looking stuff. Stylish, full of character and attitude! Would love to see many of these characters animated. Congrats on making the top row! Well-deserved! :+1:

Clean, original and very sexy characters. Congratulations.

I love your little Batman. It’s so cool


love these works :+1:

Awesome gallery! beautiful, clean and fun arts! great job!

Wonderful sculpts! Love them all;)


It’s beautiful! You rock!

i was thinking am i the only guy who is finding the little batman so cute and happening

now i know everybody loves it

its awesomastic as i always say keep em comin

Loved it all the way through!
thanks for sharing your work!
really clean nice sharp renders! good lighting ,
poses and overall mood
lots of personality and appeal!

are you using KeyShot or Vray or else?

Any tip on getting this crisp finish?

thanks all for your nice comments!

Most of them are vray, and for that sharp renders I’m just going for sharp filter and a bit brightness and contrast in photoshop.

Great work! Really enjoy the style thanks for sharing!

I love this work! So clean, so cool! I really love the rendering quality as well! Thanks for sharing with us all! :slight_smile:

so yummy you could eat it.!! youre texturing is also quite sublime…:sunglasses:

Wow, very cool stuff - you’ve been very busy!

Great character sculpts, and I really dig how you’ve incorporated your attributions into the renders.

awesome characters, admire your style :+1:

Your sculpts and renders are awesome! Love it.

Superb effect of your work! ​You have done these perfectly.