Landscapes L51

This is awesome man… Love this one…

Beautiful work! Very reminiscent of Michael Whelan’s personal work:




great image. love the atmosphere of it

wht the heck:roll_eyes: how many years did you spend on this? awesome:+1:

to be continuing:

Extremely unique work in the zbrush community. Love it!

Great work! Very nightmarish. :+1:

Brilliant work! And thank you for the ‘made off’!!!
Happy holidays!

Beautiful work here! I love the grand feeling of the environments.

Cool stuff and well done!

Totally unique and surrealistic work here!! Love it very, very much.

Great art, which I think is inspired a bit by Giger, Beksinski and as already mentioned Whelan.

Again, very good work and please keep us posted with Your art. :+1:


Gutalin! Check your messages :slight_smile:

absolutly beutiful and truly inspiering. thank you so much for sharing this with us:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I would LOVE to have these printed as posters! Inspiring talent, Gutalin!


Wow, this got to be a top row:+1:

ZBrush, CS, 2009

I imagine you use 2.5 d tools a lot… i would love to kno more about the way you do them.