Lagartijón, please be hard on your criticism, i need 100% honest feedback

Hi guys, this is my second model, hope you like it.
Ill love to recive advices or suggestions, im pretty new at 3d modeling in general so please be hard haha.
Thanks!Alien 01.jpgAlien 02.jpgAlien 03.jpgAlien 04.jpgAlien 05.jpg


Alien 01.jpg

Alien 02.jpg

Alien 03.jpg

Alien 04.jpg

Alien 05.jpg

  • Lagartijón, or the "Lizardzilla" is still a reptile and as such the tail (or lower belly if it were way fatter) HAS to be in touch with the ground all the time. It should be larger and, also, it should grow from the lower back and not from within its "lower cheeks". Lower the butt and the groin too, it looks like wearing tight under-skin suspenders.
  • Without the name I would have never guessed its a lizard, the face and head are too messy. I can see the spikes and not much else that can represent more of a reptile than a random sci-fi alien.
  • As a humanoid figure, the shoulders are always a reference of the arms size in width and its biceps look too thin.
  • It looks like standing on its tiptoes; either flat those feet out or fix the pose in order to make it look feasibly balanced.
  • The muscles look vague but specially kind of unconnected with each other, a bit less of effort and they'd have looked like gibberish.
  • The pose and overall proportions are ok although they could be much better.

You asked for a honest no matter how harsh critique, there you are :sunglasses: