King under the Mountain

Amazingly beautiful! Congrats!



Awesome work. Hats off on the armour detail.

Some qns and some constructive criticisms:

*I have always had trouble with KeyShot skin rendering. What is your workflow for the skin renders? Do you use photo projection or hand painted textures?

*The face could do with a bit more of wrinkles and pores I think. It looks a bit too smooth right now.

*Also how do you setup the shader for the eyes? Translucency settings are not pat on for the eyes. They look a bit dull as they stand.

Overall great work.

Brilliant work man…

wow!! really awesome work!

Great work , I love this character in movie . Detail is very cool friend .Good luck Dear .:wink:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Fantastic artwork!

Great creation! I love the atmosphere!