King nothing

My Essential Personal work. :slight_smile:

Inspired by Metallica, King nothing lyrics and song.
There is an unchain version,don’t forget to look at all the pics. :))

-Where is your crown king nothing?-


Utterly Rad. :metal:

Very cool piece and nice material render!

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Amazing Piece of artwork…
Loved it…

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Thank You Pure Keyshot :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

cool! I loved the style

Thanks :slight_smile:

Beautiful piece, love the composition and the material looks great. :blush:

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Thank You Deryck :slight_smile: The material was a real challenge. I think i stopped sculpting before polishing but it stays fresh.

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cool sculpture! :slight_smile: I like it

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Thanks :smiley:

Very impressive. Beautiful work. :+1:

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Thank You. :slight_smile:

beautiful work…

Great Work!

OO thank You :))

Thank You its a pleasure to read so many good comments. THX Softimage :slight_smile:

@brudva Amazing work! The material is awesome! Any chance you want to share how you create it :grin:

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I will make a little description soon. :slight_smile:

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Loved it then, love it now :wink:

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