Keeping separate parts for Keyshot rendering....

Hi guys.

I’ve just downloaded the Sculptris software to get used to digital clay modelling before i fork out for ZBrush, and it’s going ok. My one major question (of which i cannot find any tutorials on) is when i export my model out for rendering in Keyshot, the OBJ model is one part. So when i’m in Keyshot, there are no separate parts as there would be if i exported as a STEP file from Catia for instance, so applying a material affects the whole model.

Firstly, if i kept separate objects within my Sculptris model, can i translate those separate parts into Keyshot?

If so, is this controlled in the export of the model from Sculptris, or controlled on Keyshot’s end?

Any advice warmly welcomed. Bare in mind i’m a total novice to this kind of software.

Cheers everyone!!!


I’ve never used keyshot, but I’d guess that it would be similar to the process I use when exporting to Blender for rendering.

Keeping in mind which parts are going to be using different materials, you select those specific parts. For example, I’d select each of the teeth, hit Ctrl+I to invert the selection, hit delete to get rid of the other meshes, then export the .obj and give it the appropriate file name. Hit Ctrl+Z to undo and bring everything back and select the next mesh (or group), Ctrl+I, delete, export. Repeat as necessary. For a regular head, I end up with a few different exported pieces (head, eyes, lenses, teeth, gums, horns, etc.)

In Blender, when I import, everything is already placed exactly where it should be so I can adjust the material properties individually. I’d assume that it would be the same in keyshot as well.

Thanks Spork

So it sounds like a case of saving the model into a number of single part models (one with teeth, one with the eyes, one with the head etc), and then exporting them separately as OBJ’s and then pulling them all into a single render file?

I’ve posted another similar thread (as i thought i had lost this one). Another question, i saw a tutorial video on a dragon bust with loads of metal face mask parts. It seemed the artist could hide and show the parts without any problems. How’s that done if at all possible?

Many thanks again for the response

Usually I take each of the separate pieces into paint first and then export the .obj and texture from there. But yes, it’s just a bunch of files saved out so you can import them into another file and manipulate their properties independently.

While I can’t say that I’ve seen that video, hiding parts in Sculptris is fairly simple. Just hold the “H” key on the keyboard and left click on the object you want to hide. Keep holding “H” and clicking on more objects to hide them. To unhide all objects, hit Ctrl+Alt+H (I’m pretty sure anyway since I’m answering on a phone and not in front of my computer).

Fantastic. Thanks buddy. I shall be giving that a go over the next couple of nights.