Back to where I started !! Now that I’ve got a better flow for building an animatable mesh, I thought I’d try another shot at dear old Hulk again !! Just under 7k vertices will be about 14k tris to animate, a little high but I think he’ll be alright. He’s still just a mesh, I’ve not painted him yet, still needs eyes, teeth, hair and pants. But he posed nicely and I think he’ll animate good !!



Added the details (Still a single Mesh… Should be easy to animate) Hope you got Glasses !!

Nice restart!

To import and paint a externally-symmetry-UVmapped model in Sculptris… Cut the model in Half … I also use my Wing3d mats into Blender trick to further split the Paint-model into groups that can be hidden for easy masking … I’m not sure I’m happy with the Paint job though …might have gone too far with the veigns …

Rendered to Kerkythia from Wings3D … was the best so far … Have fun pickin it apart !!!

nice texturing and topo, could use better renders though

That’s the kind of stereo image that I need to figure out eventually. I still need to find those darn glasses again.

That sculpt does resemble the Hulk fairly well. I think what I’d try to do is define the muscle groups a bit more since he’s The Hulk. Getting some of the muscles look like they are flexing with the striations in the muscles visible. For the veins, it’s a good idea to find some images of bodybuilders. It can be a bit of a pain to get all of the little veins in there, but it makes the sculpt feel a lot more believable when you come a bit closer to what people are expecting to see.

One of these days I’m going to have to learn all of that retopology and using the normal maps.

Does anyone remember the Mesiah Studio 10 bucks special offer? Well, it features a real time stereoscopic effect on viewport.

Oh really? Nice. I bought that one. Haven’t used it other than a single render of a Sculptris sculpt. I’ll have to look that one back up to see what else it can do.

The 3D image is from a Anaglyph plugin for Paint.NET … just turn/move your model and get a second render/screenshot … plugin allows for some adjustment … can also just put side by side
(L/R), save as jpg and rename jps for 3d-monitor, or swap sides (R/L) for cross-eyed 3D (it Works)

x-eyed 3d.jpg

Another good way to render is to do it by hand in an image editor. I did this completely in Paint.NET. I did use the Shape3D plugin for the elements, then just “faux-ed” the shadows and reflections in … I’m not gonna do a tutorial, but I’ll upload the PSD with all the layers, might could give someone some new ideas…

You can get the PSD [Here](http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/2/12/2759389//Cheating.zip)

Hope you got Glasses !!

I certainly have them and, the image(s), spot on. :cool:

A new chrome metal Mat 4 ya … This one has a real nice effect.

ust startin to play with ma new toy!!
robo-gettin started.jpg

This is Wings3D. I did do some Sculpting in Sculptris, but no Zbrush!

Hello, a new recruit for the doubling of the A11. :lol: :lol:

I suppose he could be usefull for that. I had to Google that by the way. I’m on the other side of the Planet. But hey, when their finished, at least then You’ll look like your driving on the wrong side of the road. Here’s another one. Robo-4.jpg

There you go, as you had plopped him down in the middle of a Suffolk town high street I erroneously assumed you were from the UK. How wrong was I. :lol:

Ooo! The ultimate parking warden. :wink:

No, I’m one of those $#@%&! Americans. But I do understand Road Construction as I live in Phoenix, AZ. Two and a half million people that feel the need to spend an hour on the freeway every morning, alone in an SUV. As far as the images, they’re just random wallpapers I found of Google. I picked them for the strong horizon line. You’ll notice I used them for both the background and the reflection image. Wings3d does have a nice Environment map Shader, and building an image for it is similar to making a Material for Sculptris, but Wings3d uses the whole image, not just the sphere. You can replace the original Grandcanyon.png in the Wings3d install folder. It’s the only way to change the (Mat).

But Yes sir, I’m guilty as charged, it’s mine, I parked it there … lol

No, I’m one of those $#@%&! Americans.

:lol: :lol: